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Chase USA 0.50

By: JJ Rojola and JTbo
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Street
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Description (Click to toggle Visibility)

Chase USA mod is a tribute to 1970's US car culture partly taking it's inspiration from car chase films of that era.

Big part of the mod is ability to customize and tune cars with 70s style hot rod accessories. You can drive little bit rusty factory stock old faithful, or then tune it up into a showstopper streetmachine. Changes will also affect driving physics when applicable.

Major feature of the mod is scratch made physics. Our goal is to give you the most accurate and enjoyable experience of driving these cars. But be aware, these are not race cars intended for serious road racing. These have very soft suspensions with bad brakes and tires. And yes, way too much power in their thirsty V8 engines. Drifting with two tons of iron has never been this much fun!

Our collection of cars will include regular family cars, muscle cars, vans, offroad vehicles, hot rods, police cars, supercars and even trucks. And possible even more which we haven't yet came up with!

Vehicle list 3/2013 (more or less finished)

Ford T-Bucket '23
Chevrolet Bel Air '55
Plymouth Fury '61
Ford Fairlane '66
Pontiac Firebird '67
Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser '68
AMC Gremlin '71
Kenworth W900 '70-79
Chevrolet G-10 Van '72
Dodge Monaco '77
Lincoln Continental Mark V '78
Vector W2 '80

Together with cars we will provide painting templates for you to paint custom interiors, exteriors and chassis parts.

First release is intended to happen somewhere at the same time with rFactor2 final release. It will include bunch of cars and after that we will release additional cars one-by-one basis.

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2ndLastJedi on Jan-24-2017


Is this mod still a work in progress?
Rocket455Man on Nov-02-2015

alhim on Jun-24-2014

is this ever gonna come out can we atleast have a beta all the links to your sight about this mod are dead
68chevy on Apr-04-2014

Wow! Looks like a very promising mod indeed!
theraider06 on Feb-10-2013

would love to see a fox body mustang 87 to 93 its never been done no matter how much i beged
68chevy on Dec-27-2012

Any chances of 1940 & 1950 Fords? (I can beg?)
a_quester on Dec-23-2012

Awesome looks like my favorite mod ever
FirebirdIronduke on Oct-31-2012

Very cool! I look forward to this.
McClusky on Aug-12-2012

Wow, these cars looks fantastic!
LorenzoTheChamp on May-13-2012

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