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Chengdu, China 1.01

By: Raido1
Origin: Conversion | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 19-Dec-10
Current release: 1.010, on 19-Dec-10

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Screenie by: Raido1
Screenie by: Raido1
Screenie by: Raido1
Screenie by: Raido1
Screenie by: Raido1
Screenie by: Raido1
Screenie by: Raido1
Screenie by: Raido1

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Chengdu Circuit V1.01, made for RaceOn/Evo by Peter Kuhn,

rFactor conversion by Rudy D (2010) with permission.

Chengdu Goldenport (also known as Chengdu International or ???????) is a real circuit in the Chinese province of Sichuan, southeast of its capital Chengdu City. It's about 3,3 kilometers long and in the West, probably mainly known for a round of the A1GP Formula series, hosted in 2008. It's a fairly technical track, bumpy and dusty in real life, bit less so in rF ;)

The original RaceOn/Evo/Race07 version was made by Peter K with Bob's Track Builder (located at, and converted with permission for rFactor by Rudy D.
A few slight additions were made for the rF version to make it a bit more authentic, like the Chinese signs on the pits instead of the generic BTB ones. Conversion with 3DSimed, done and tested on a Mac.

To install, move the track folder to rFactor/Gamedata/Locations.

Enjoy this rFactor version.

Peter K / Rudy D

NB: This conversion is SCREENIEWARE! If you like it, please leave a nice screenshot of the track in action at sites like rFactorcentral or NoGrip.

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Hello, can I convert this track to F1 Challenge 99-02?
WJB1804 on Jul-27-2016

Hello. My nickname is wizard2275 I want to ask for permission, to convert all your tracks, to F1C old game. I will understand, if don't want to give me permission. Thanks you very much in advance. Regards.
wizard2275 on Dec-05-2012

@Experienceentropy: The track is not perfect of course, it's not laser-scanned Built with Bob's Track Builder (which has its limitations) and neither Peter K. (The track maker) or I (rF converter) have been to Chengdu so it's always been a general approximation rather than an exact replica. AFAIK Peter lost the original BTB project files a while ago so the only way to improve/edit it would probably be through 3Dsimed.

It should be more bumpy but that has to be done in BTB which wasn't so in the original Race07 track, so it's hard to put them in afterwards. You can add a bit more bumpiness by adding/replacing these lines in the track's .gdb file, this is not perfect either but makes it feel a bit bumpy especially in the fast bits:
Raido1 on Apr-19-2011

Thanks for the track... I am originally from Barbados by I actually live and study here in Chengdu and have driven around the track before... One of the local race teams ?????? also known as Speed Racing, is located just outside the track and I am friends with some of the racers. The track is not exactly accurate in some places (elevations changes between corner 1, 2 and 3 are much more drastic in real life) and the surface does not simulate the bumpiness. Also the pit lane light and start light do not work but we all enjoy driving it.

Thanks ????

experienceentropy on Mar-17-2011

I like the track, it's cool to drive, thanks.

@ Raido1: which Mod is it, that can be seen in the pictures?
dh_vetmed on Dec-20-2010

Good looking track but it is not finished! A lot of cars share the same pit-box (which makes this track a bit useless) and the cam-file can be done better. On some parts of the track we can't see the cars, they are behind trees or other objects.
NitroMcClean on Dec-20-2010

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