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Chicken Speedway 1

By: UKSOM Freew67
Origin: Scratch | Fantasy
Category: Dirt Ovals
Initial release: 19-Sep-10
Current release: 1, on 19-Sep-10

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Screenie by: freew67
Screenie by: freew67
Screenie by: freew67
Screenie by: freew67

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Chicken Speedway was a proposed track for the small town of Chicken, Alaska. While the track never was approved, I was able to get some details on a basic layout of the track. None of that is true, but just sounds good. Chicken Speedway is a 3/8th mile dirt oval with gradual banking and multiple grooves. The track is also a little bit bumpy, nothing in Alaska is smooth.

Big thanks to the fellers over at HAR and KDSR who helped beta test the track. The track was mainly tested with the HAR Supr Mod and KDSR Midget Mod.

You can find HAR mods at

You can find KDSR mods at

If you have had a previous version of Chicken, please delete before you install the new version. Thanks and enjoy!

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