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Circuit De Landsard 1

By: Michel Boonstra
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Kart Tracks
Initial release: 30-Jun-11
Current release: 1, on 30-Jun-11

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Screenie by: Michel Boonstra
Screenie by: Michel Boonstra
Screenie by: mboons1974
Screenie by: mboons1974
Screenie by: mboons1974
Screenie by: mboons1974
Screenie by: mboons1974
Screenie by: mboons1974

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Circuit De Landsard - 1060 m kart track - Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Created by Michel Boonstra
with Bob's Track Builder, 3dSimEd
and some models of the ISI stock.

Extract the LANDSARD folder into your rFactor/Gamedata/Locations directory.
Use at your own risk.

I've never been at the real track nor am I a real kart racer, so this track is not an accurate representation of the real thing.

- AI realism, this is due to limitations of the game engine
- the track only offers room for 10 teams / 20 karts
- wet conditions are not ideal nor realistic
- no pit girls this time..

I hope you enjoy racing this track.


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I haven't any word to appreciate this post.....Really i am impressed from this post....the person who create this post it was a great human..thanks for shared this with more
sujajifo on Dec-13-2018

The rain maybe claimed by the maker as unrealistic but it is a lovely feature of this track. Maximum concentration is needed to keep the karts on track, brilliant stuff.

Very much appreciate the thought and time that has gone into this track. Many thanks for sharing it.
Gotlerghia on Dec-15-2013

oke wel jammer dat je voorlopig geen andere circuits gaat maken of andere layouts, maar wel te begrijpen. kost natuurlijk veel tijd.
voor eventuele updates, hier een onboard van mij op deze layout:

misschien dat je er wat aan hebt
bobberdiebobbob on Jul-05-2011

Again, thanks for the nice comments guys.
@dbr659: Ik ben op het moment weer met andere 3d dingen bezig en heb geen verdere plannen voor rFactor tracks.
@bobberdiebobbob: Ik ben niet bekend met de precieze layouts, ik heb deze gekozen om de mooie flow.
mboons1974 on Jul-04-2011

super gemaakt, rij hier zelf ook vaak. ondanks dat je er zelf nog nooit geweest ben laat staan gereden hebt vind ik dat je het erg realistisch hebt nagemaakt. maar een kleine vraag, heb je ook de voledige layout? dit is de kortere, minder gebruikte layout.
bobberdiebobbob on Jul-04-2011

gaaf circuit...mooi gemaakt...verzoekje: Kun/wil je Berghem Kartcircuit (bij Oss) maken. Ik kart daar soms mar ga nu zeker een keer echt naar landsard.
dbr659 on Jul-02-2011

Could be fun to have an kart-serie later this year. The track looks beatifull :-)
I have made quite a bunch of Danish kart-tracks, try to view videos of them here: ">

( You can also download the tracks from the sites index-site, please post your comments about doing a serie on different tracks.)

Look foreward to try your superb-looking track ( has downloaded but not yet installed )
normark on Jul-02-2011


Mij fout hij doet het wel, sorry ltrz
eeffeekkuuss on Jul-01-2011

Thanks for the compliments guys, happy to hear you like it :-)
mboons1974 on Jul-01-2011

@mboons1974- I've got it downloading now. I agree with another poster. Best looking kart track I've seen like none of those Mickey Mouse hairpins for starters.Thank you!
semilost on Jul-01-2011

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