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Circuit de Gedinne 1987 1

By: Relesys
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Temporary Circuits
Initial release: 19-Sep-10
Current release: 1, on 19-Sep-10

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Screenie by: relesys
Screenie by: relesys
Screenie by: relesys
Screenie by: relesys
Screenie by: relesys
Screenie by: relesys
Screenie by: relesys
Screenie by: relesys
Screenie by: relesys
Screenie by: relesys

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This track is in Belgium It is used for racing motorcycle and sidecar, the map shows the chicane which was introduced after 2000. In this track there instead because I have recreated the 1987 with much greenery and many shadows, where there may be problems of fluidity of the game.
I tested the circuit with the F1 in 1985 and it was much fun, I tried to be as faithful as possible to the landscape, the boxes are only for the rest of my imagination and really played.

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Unfortunately, people have lost all my projects and those Released WIP for a break of 2 HD of my PC.
Simply put all my circuit will remain 1.0 unfortunately

relesys on Jan-08-2012

Hi . Love the track, but one of the guys in our clan noticed 1 small problem though a possibly a major one.
The signposts that have tyres surrounding the poles can cause massive damage to the cars as their damage footprint is
wider than the object by some distance (not all signposts but most of the ones on the inside right of the circuit). You can actually
"hit" these objects whilst still on the track and they will destroy your car. (not pleasant)!!! Maybe a patch to correct this or updrade
to 1.01 might be good if someone could fix it? Apart from that, the track is excellent, top job.
obbzyrt on Oct-11-2011

I very much agree with the previous message! This is a very fun track and is unlike most of the generic tracks you find. As much as I like Com8's new track, Salzburgring, I think this one deserves more attention!
dale223223 on Oct-13-2010


This track is fast becoming one of my favourites. Fantastic job. I had to adjust the AI (mid adjust) settings in the AIW file to match my lap times with the Champcars, little offline racing trick that I do, but hey...the feel of this track is amazing. Thanks so much for creating and releasing.

Christopher Harvey
saultenian on Oct-04-2010

No problem with the downloadsite. It looks a bit different from what we are used to, but it works, with fast enough downloadtime.
Relesys you did a great job on this track. It looks very good.
NitroMcClean on Sep-20-2010

This Download site sucks. Sorry, but somebody put it on filefront or megaupload...please!!! The Track looks great. Looking forward to racing on it! Thanks in Advance
fsrguy on Sep-19-2010

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