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Citroen Berlingo 1.02

By: GP4Spain
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Street
Initial release: 24-Feb-07
Current release: 1.020, on 24-Feb-07

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New revision of berlingo: - Improvement of the lights, that were needed for LeMans - Correction as large as I deposit of berlingo, always 56L - Correction of the motor tip so that so much from 7400RPM does not suffocate - Correction of the system of I DISTURB so that it consumes a 3% but of gasoline by each increase of I disturb that it is made. Asi with I disturb (boost) 0 if 50 liters give for 50 returns, with I disturb to 10 necesitaria a 30% but of gasoline to give those 50 returns, it is to say 65L. I disturb increases to the power of the car a 1,6E-4% by each level of I disturb... simplifying 3CV but of power of difference between I disturb 0 and I disturb 10.

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pasaros por rfactor-sp lo voy a resubir full
Pelukas on Jul-08-2013
mario798 on Jun-11-2012

Put a link to be taken off mode is a good bass citroen berlingo
mario798 on May-09-2012

Hey mate! I'd really like this one since I have driven the car in real life Can you or someone else reupload? Thanks in advance!
Jejking on May-04-2012


Citroen Berlingo Your mod is very good!

I would like if you had the templates as they want to do a painting of a logo of a company in my country. Of course you would ask permission to use this template. My only motive is enjoy your mod designs from my country. I await your response.

Thank you.
adriancho74 on Nov-29-2011

Unrealistic behavior of the car, too far away from the real one.
gorgias1976 on Jun-04-2011

Great job! I am interested if anyone can make a VW-Caddy(new) for V 1.0 or 1.2 ? I think it would be interesting !
VDominik on Feb-10-2011

Great job!!!Whether it is feasible to do VW Caddy(new) but 1V?
VDominik on Jan-05-2011

Like TimmeyNL said, this car is really perfect for learning tracks. It's fun, but I think it is way too easy. This can't be realistic. So much grip. The car should behave quite different with the relatively high center of gravity. I mean, how the hell am I able to do a 8:15 (!!!) with such a car on the N├╝rburgring Nordschleife, while I struggle with nearly every other car to even complete a lap there?
BS|[fliP] on Feb-20-2010

Cool Car love the way its behave on the road and modelling.
Also wanna know will there be cockpit? You planing update or something?
Bushi on Sep-29-2009

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