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Civic VTi D16A2 (1992) 0.30

By: Extreme
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Street
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Civic VTi eg6 vtec B16A2 160hp(1992)

Few word: MAX QUALITY!

it's my first real mod , and i make this car because i want to give you the most possible quality. I know this car and i have many friends with this model, and mechanical too.(in Honda).

What do you mean this?
Real high Texture
Real sound
Real Feedback
Many techinichal information.....
............REAL physics (I HOPE :)) )

After the mod release, will be create a website with a CIVICWORKSHOP (free don't worry ;) with many upgrade to moddig your horda civic.
Tyre, exhaust, body kit , mirror , cockpit ecc.

It's a hard project but i try to do it.!
That's all guys.


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Good job
I Love this car and I hope you will submit download link as soon as possible

(sorry I'm bad in english)
niigata on Aug-19-2012

It will be ... I CAN'T WAIT i will pray for u man i love this car i have EK4 actually but EG6 was best civic ever i think, of course u can do the ek4/9 mod another time

Reave on Apr-02-2012

i want this car
liteglow on Aug-26-2011

Link to download ??
Ronie on Jun-16-2011

i always wait this best mod
aditverdee on Jun-11-2011

Hey Extreme, any news maybe ?
danica_patrick on Mar-18-2011

just wanted to comment and let you know that this is looking great and I hope you complete it. It is by far one of the vehicles i am most looking forward to. Great job and keep up the good work when you can.
hondaguru83 on Aug-29-2010

Up, uuuuup!!!!!!!!!!!!
Moritouge on Aug-29-2010

Hello Sir,

How is this mod going on?
I am really looking forward tot this!

Saw a screenshot from an EG here on rfc, looking good:

Keep the good work up!
Joopieboy on Jul-21-2010

To tell the truth, more than 80% of W.I.P. mods are dead or near to dead, so I feel extremely happy because the Extreme dude is still here!! Good job Extreme, I can feel your passionate, keep it up!! (Thumbs up)
YashioFactory on May-08-2010

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