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Classic Race Of The Itashas skin Pack 1

By: ROTImodTeam

Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: ROTImodTeam
Screenie by: ROTImodTeam

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Thanks for download "Classic Race Of The Itahas" skin pack v1.0!

Race Of the Itashas mod team is really proud of you ;D (?


Getting serious: This is a 30 car skin pack developed for the "Historic GT & Touring Cars v1.0" mod for the game "rFactor". So, if you want to run this skin pack, you must to got those things before.

You don't got them? Let me help you:


_Historic GT & Touring Cars mod v 1.0:

This skin pack run properly with the mayor part of rFactor race tracks (Included in game, or mods) that could run a 30 or more cars grid. The skin pack also runs the v 1.96 of the mod

It also runs with 1.96 version of the mod


-How find the cars of this mod?

-Go to the Vehicle menu, and do the following selection for the car that you want to drive:

*Ford Capri 3100 Highschool Of The Dead: "Real Series>FIA Historic>2004>GTC-TC-76>Ford Capri>Capri 3100 RS>Hattori 15"

*Ford Capri 3100 See Through (Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt): "Real Series,FIA Historic,2004,GTC-TC-76,Ford Capri,Capri 3100 RS,Zonta 77"

*Ford Capri 2600 Pokémon XY: "Real Series>FIA Historic>2004>GTC-TC-76>Ford Capri>Capri 2600 RS>Ito 60"

*Ford Capri Mirai Nikki: "Real Series>FIA Historic>2004>GTC-TC-76>Ford Capri>Capri 2600 RS>Tsusuki 41"

*Ford Capri Shingeki No Kyojin: "Real Series>FIA Historic>2004>GTC-TC-76>Ford Capri>Capri 2600 RS>Takeuchi 65"

*Ford Escort Kagamine Len/Rin (Vocaloid): "Real Series>FIA Historic>2004>GTC-TC-76>Ford Escort RS>Tagahara 93"

*Ford Escort Elfen Lied: "Real Series>FIA Historic>2004>GTC-TC-76>Ford Escort RS>Kaneishi 95"

*Ford Escort Infinite Stratos: "Real Series>FIA Historic>2006>GTC-TC-76>Ford Escort RS>Mitsuyama 48"

*Ferrari GTB/4 EVA 00 (Neon Genesis Evangelion): "Real Series>FIA Historic>2006>GTC-TC-76>Ferrari GTB/4>Mizutani 00"

*Porsche 906 EVA 01 (Neon Genesis Evangelion): "Real Series>FIA Historic>2004>GTC-TC-76>Porsche 906>Takahashi 02"

*Porsche 906 Mach GoGoGo Syaken: "Real Series>FIA Historic>2004>GTC-TC-76>Porsche 906>Kurosawa 5"

*Porsche 906 Crazy Crazy Cabbie (Panty & Stocking With Garterbelt): Real Series>FIA Historic>2004>GTC-TC-76>Porsche 906>Iwasaki 79"

*Porsche 911 EVA 02 (Neon Genesis Evangelion): "Real Series>FIA Historic>2006>GTC-TC-76>Porsche 911>Porsche 911 RSR 3.0>Van Dam 7"

*Porsche 911 Ghost In The Shell Arise: Real Series>FIA Historic>2006>GTC-TC-76>Porsche 911>Porsche 911 RSR 3.0>Yokomaku 91"

*Porsche 911 BlacK Rock Shooter: "Real Series>FIA Historic>2006>GTC-TC-76>Porsche 911>Porsche 911 RSR 3.0>Wirdheim 59"

*Porsche 911 Hatsune Miku Racing 2010 (Vocaloid): "Real Series>FIA Historic>2006>GTC-TC-76>Porsche 911>Porsche 911 RSR 3.0>Bamba 9"

*Porsche 911 To Love Ru: "Real Series>FIA Historic>2006>GTC-TC-76>Porsche 911>Porsche 911 RSR 2.8>Yokomizo 72"

*Porsche 911 Code Geass: "Real Series>FIA Historic>2006>GTC-TC-76>Porsche 911>Porsche 911 RSR 2.8>Shiranaka 83"

*Porsche 911 Hankook-Haruhi Suzumiya: "Real Series>FIA Historic>2005>GTC-TC-76>Porsche 911>Porsche 911 RSR 3.0>Kim 34"

*BMW CSL Zone Archive: "Real Series>FIA Historic>2006>GTC-TC-76>BMW CSL>CSL Schnitzer>Matsuura 92"

*BMW CSL Hatsune Miku Racing 2011 (Vocaloid): "Real Series>FIA Historic>2006>GTC-TC-76>BMW CSL>CSL Schnitzer>Taniguchi 4"

*BMW CSL Hatsune Miku Racing 2012 (Vocaloid): "Real Series>FIA Historic>2006>GTC-TC-76>BMW CSL>CSL Schnitzer>Kataoka 0"

*BMW CSL Hatsune Miku (Vocaloid): Real Series>FIA Historic>2006>GTC-TC-76>BMW CSL>CSL Alpina>Kikuchi 808"

*BMW CSL Hellsing: "Real Series>FIA Historic>2006>GTC-TC-76>BMW CSL>CSL Alpina>Muller 66"

*DeTomaso Pantera Ika Musume: "Real Series>FIA Historic>2006>GTC-TC-76>DeTomaso Pantera>Pantera Factory Teams>Yamagishi 27"

*DeTomaso Pantera Toradora: "Real Series>FIA Historic>2006>GTC-TC-76>DeTomaso Pantera>Pantera Factory Teams>Yasuoka 39"

*DeTomaso Pantera Highschool DxD: "Real Series>FIA Historic>2006>GTC-TC-76>DeTomaso Pantera>Pantera Non-Factory Teams>Micangeli 49"

*Chevrolet Corvette Neon Racing (Nippombashi Project): "Real Series>FIA Historic>2006>GTC-TC-76>Corvette>Stingray 69>Takamori 96"

*Chevrolet Corvette Anarchy Panty (Panty & Stocking With Garterbelt): "Real Series>FIA Historic>2006>GTC-TC-76>Corvette>Stingray 69>Suzuki 081"

*Chevrolet Corvette Anarchy Stocking (Panty & Stocking With Garterbelt): "Real Series>FIA Historic>2006>GTC-TC-76>Corvette>Stingray 74>Bruni 74"

There is the list of the 30 cars in this skin pack.

ATENTION!!!: Some cars got secondary skins. Will you find them?


"Well, this is everything you need to know to run properly this skin pack.

Enjoy it!!!

Thanks! Race Of The Itashas Mod Team

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