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Clawhammer FaceLift 1

By: Madcowie
Origin: Scratch | Fantasy
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 19-Jul-09
Current release: 1, on 19-Jul-09

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Screenie by: Madcowie
Screenie by: Madcowie
Screenie by: Madcowie
Screenie by: Madcowie
Screenie by: Madcowie
Screenie by: Madcowie

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A couple of weeks ago I decided to play this track with the Touring Car Legends mod. At the time I was really enjoying the track but couldn't help but think it needed a severe face lift as after all this track was originally created for Nascar 2003 about 6 years ago and is starting to look rather dated. So for the last few weeks Ive been remodeling different parts of the track, removing a lot of the old stuff and adding more 2009 to the track. I also thought this track didn't support all mods due to its very long straights and decided to make a club version of the track.

Anyway hope you enjoy this track as much as I do!


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I hope anyone can reupload this great track
Blekblek on Sep-27-2014

Sort a proper link please,the fileserve one downloads RWD Rallycross mod and the Madcowie one leads to the site but no download,so still no luck getting this track.
crashman33 on May-10-2011

Very nice Track! Especially after Facelifting.
But unfortunately there is a little Problem.
You set ....."Facelift" as Trackname in the *.gdb.
The double qoute characters cause that the Dedicated Server with the LiveView-Plugin can't create *.txt-Files that are needed to get LiveView to work (SLS-System).
Best Regards Chris
haraldus1 on Dec-07-2009

I had a blast on the short circuit last night with the HTTC mod, trying to chase down the cobra's, daytona's and GT40's in a little Elan, so much fun, thanks Stu!
quic vic on Jul-23-2009

The download link posted for this track currently times out. Is there an alternate link? I liked the original and am looking forward to this revamping. :-)
xyverz on Jul-23-2009

Originally posted by: pgale

Just downloading now Love your work mate Clawhammer and Greyhound two of my fav tracks.

Like Nick I'd like to see face lift for Greyhound with a shorter version or two Please Please. It's just a bit long for online racing ( not my idea I might add )

Had some great races with gp-200 it's a shame it's not quite suited to fast open wheelers.

Add Road One and RattleSnake to that list bro. Wanna re-lift the whole series? These three tracks would complete it!
Dion Polk on Jul-21-2009

I was actually thinking a texture conflict, but I could be wrong.
slider916 on Jul-20-2009

Ahh strange slider! I had that problem in another mod with this track. Whats more I aint a bloody clue what the hell this could be! Sure looks bloody funny though!
Madcowie on Jul-20-2009

Nice work on the track, but I notice with the GrandAm mod that the bodies will lift off the car after turn 1, and come back on after turn 2. This happens on the short circuit.

slider916 on Jul-20-2009

Once again I have Mad Cow desease. The track is very fast nice work Bro.
Rogenater on Jul-20-2009

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