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Clermont County 1968 1

By: Strava
Origin: Scratch | Fantasy
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 05-Oct-07
Current release: 1, on 05-Oct-07

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Clermont County
Copyright 2007 Strava

When I first started making sim tracks for Grand Prix Legends back in 2002, I thot it would be a good idea to pick something I could easily get the exact dimensions from. Like, one of my slot track layouts :-P

This layout was my third attempt. Based on an Aurora AFX track.

I have always liked the fast flow of this layout, but never finished it for GPL.
I did hit an interrestng puzzle when I converted it to rFactor tho...
The track is an "over & under figure 8". A fact I could completely ignore in GPL because the draw distance was calulated along the length of the track. So you never saw the overpass.
But, in rFactor it was quite obvious that there was a chunk of grass & blacktop hanging up in the air :-P
Problem was that this section included part of pitlane. So I could not just do a simple bridge!
The solution was to do a tunnel :-)
Probly not something you would ever see on a real track but it does add a bit of drama ;-)
Interresting note: the Vmax point on the track is about 10 meters into the tunnel. Which goes straight for a bit, then turns. muh-ha-ha!

Known issues:
The wrong TV cam picks up for a second in pit lane. This is because of how I had to place that cam to work right around the tunnel.

The AI line is a bit aggressive and they tend to run wide coming out of T3 in some cars.

The lights in the tunnel will briefly illuminate cars going over the top. This is due to how rFactor handles omni lights and shadows.

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Originally posted by: 128MB

where'd u get the 6 wheeled f1 car????

how come you have it then?
You can't just post a photo from a mod to tease and then say we can't have it...
Sort on Dec-15-2009

Love the track ! A favorite Thx
clevy911 on Aug-18-2009

perromollao on Jun-26-2009

perromollao on Jun-26-2009

It's from an illegal conversion, so no, you can't get it until it's released officially.
renaultfan on Jun-26-2009

where'd u get the 6 wheeled f1 car????
128MB on Jun-26-2009

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