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Clipsal 500 Adelaide Street Circuit 0.60

By: pezter69
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Temporary Circuits
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: pezter69
Screenie by: pezter69
Screenie by: pezter69
Screenie by: pezter69
Screenie by: pezter69
Screenie by: pezter69
Screenie by: pezter69
Screenie by: pezter69

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Adelaide Street Circuit Clipsal 500 2009 for rFactor


This is my first track. It is of Adelaide Street Circuit, the Clipsal 500 in 2009.

This is a scratch built using Bob's Track Builder, 3DSimEd, 3Ds Max and Adobe Photoshop.


3rd May - v0.600 released. Sorry for the delay on getting this one out, just been progressing not as fast as I would have liked. Peter Kastanaras has joined in the helping of this track, suppling me with 3d objects!! Done heaps of things, tweaked some height values, fixed that bug with the ennis texture, redone the Jim Beam texture.. lots of things changed.. :)

20th April - v0.500.0 released. Reworked AIW, it still may need some tweaking. Redone Bigpond, XXXX Gold and Jim Beam Wall Textures. Completely redone T10-T11. Relaid some rubber build-up on the track. Fixed the "phantom wall" bug, where cars act like they hit a wall when they go under the brake markers.

17th April - v0.450.0 released. Added yet some more fantastic textures thanks to Peter Kastanaras, which include the Ryobi texture and the Adelaide Sign on the ground in T1-T2. Added proper run off to the track, so now you wont run off into the grass. AIW properly working, so you can have races with AI cars of up to 32. Added skidmark and rubber build-up textures to the road, along with starting grid positions.

15th April - v0.400.0 released. Redone some textures (thanks to Peter Kastanaras for doing this!) Added grass to inside curbing in T1 - T2 - T3. Added Adelaide Sign to Chicane. Merged Access Road to the Race Surface (Access Road at exit of T2).

14th April - v0.346.1 released. Finally, all the walls finished, liverys finished, cages finished and gaps in walls filled in. Revamped cameras, pit lane now accessable, the terrain on pit entry and exit fixed, readjusted some curbs. Added some more brake markers. Some 3d object trees moved around.

13th April - v0.295.5 released. Walls from T8 to T11 done, some gaps are still showing. Ripple strips now added, camera's compelety updated, still some bugs with that. Brake markers added in T1, tyre bundles added to T1 and T11. Added some bumps to the short straight between T4 and T5

12th April - v0.201.2 released. Walls from Pit Straight to T8 finished, all gaps filled. T8 again totally remodeled, added brake markers from T5 to T9. Added 7 Sport, Signs Inc, XXXX Gold and Ryobi v16 Wall Signages.

11th April - v0.137.5 released. Walls from Pit to T4 finished, still some gaps in places along the circuit. T8 totally remodeled, added arrows on entrace for visibility to the wall, armco on the inside. Added braking markers, redone the tyre walls.

10th April - v0.091.1 released. Walls from Pit Straight to T4 mostly finished, track eleavtions finished, trees finished (thanks to XPacks of Rural Australia and Default from Bobs Track Builder), car starts from middle of pit straight and camera's half finished.


Thanks to the following people.

Brendan Pywell for Bob's Track Builder.
ISI for rFactor
Lots of textures from Bob's Track Builder
FVRFactor for their help..
Krunch from V8Factor for his Tree Textures..


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king001 on Nov-18-2018

king001 on Nov-12-2018
king001 on Sep-19-2018

....and the morale to the story is, BACK UP, all your work, to a spare (external) hard-drive, too?????? Not, pointing the FINGER, to you pezter, BUT a general comment to ALL track builders........
nikolarse68 on Mar-19-2010

Hey pezter69, sorry for incorrect spelling, a few posts earlier. FlashQld, wouldn't mind having a crack at this track!!!!!! Any chance, you could contact him, and get things moving in any forward direction????????
nikolarse68 on Mar-16-2010

Oh btw, heres a reversion of the 2009 track.
pezter69 on Mar-15-2010

hmm.. I think I said I cant 3d model. Here is a updated version of 2009. If anybody can help in anyway, please feel free to change anything, anywhere. I lost the original BTB files in a hard drive wipe so there is not going to be a track config change in a while.
pezter69 on Mar-15-2010

........track action starting, in 7 hours time. Surely, within the next 3 days, let us know petzer, what u have acomplished in the last few months.......
nikolarse68 on Mar-11-2010

Any news?
HSV5 on Mar-08-2010

Hey pezter69, just wondering if you have made any further progress on this AWESOME track? Clipsal 500 is only 11 days away from track action for 2010.......
nikolarse68 on Mar-01-2010

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