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Coast Track 1

By: raceking/gringosan
Origin: Scratch | Fantasy
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 21-Apr-06
Current release: 1, on 31-May-06

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The Coast Track is finally released! We've tried to make it perfect and modify it many times.
This is my 2nd time to make an rfactor track. I hope all of u will like this kind of track which is different from those popalur ones. I love rally very much, so i make my track with rally style. The job of making Coast is difficult for me. Fortunately I never gave up. I should thank all my friends who support and help me, such as gringosan, popsau, yanqingbo and CarreraGT. I hope all of u enjoy!

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great track but you NEED to sort out the pit stops...
racer113 on Apr-14-2010

One major bug that should be attended to ASAP on this track is some of the corners, it is way too easy to go off track and getting back on again is something you can forget because ISI forgot to add a "Reset car" option.
An example is a section after the concrete railing ends and you get to see the coast and some rocks at the side of the road and all you got is a slight bumpy hill to prevent you from going off, but this one is not nearly tall enough to stop you and with Ai that loves overtaking in that corner with no regards for you, it is easy to either one, miss the proper gear (Which is a 3rd gear corner in my R34) or if you get tailtapped you are going off the track.

The problem is, once you go off track in that section you are NOT getting back on again, even if your car is perfectly fine damage wise first due to lack of traction on the steep hill, secondly because you keep being reset with the nose pointing off the infinite freefall as the track ends.

It is a little too bumpy at some points as well, but as long as you got 4WD it is not a big problem.

Other than the straights and the corners are very good and interesting to race on, also some of the barriers needs attention as it is possible to run off track and not get back on it again.
Another of those spots are the last leg after the turnoff on the way towards the finish line.
Sweeper5555 on Mar-16-2010

Hello racing mates!
Just upload the said file "" to Mediafire...
Size 27.1MB...
...Happy racing dan safe driving mates...
salihuddin on Jul-15-2009

I want this track, but the link is dead!! need an unbroken LINK, cheers dude.... : )
Speedd4amon on Jun-27-2009

I want this track, but the link is dead!! need an unbroken LINK, cheers dude.... : )
Speedd4amon on Jun-27-2009

it's a great track, but the download link isn't working.
Can somebody upload a new one ?
hackmann on Jun-24-2009

Great treack, but I´ve a problem. When I drove it offliine the AI wasn`t able to do right pit stops, they were all diving against a wall. Please Help
Burner15 on Jan-10-2009

Great drive, but just getting black and white stripes for the sky?
NZOrion on Dec-17-2008

Awsome m8......brilliant work...pleasure to drive
AUSSIEJONNO on Nov-27-2008

What the?! A Supra?
Bjorn on Nov-15-2008

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