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Col De Turini 1

By: DMz and Steely
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Temporary Circuits
Initial release: 13-Jul-09
Current release: 1, on 13-Jul-09

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Screenie by: dmz
Screenie by: dmz
Screenie by: dmz
Screenie by: dmz
Screenie by: dmz
Screenie by: dmz
Screenie by: dmz
Screenie by: dmz

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Famous Stage from the Monte Carlo Rally, 25km of hairpins up to the Col, mixed snow and tar and all tar versions in both directions. Thanks to FOG>Steely for starting this track and allowing me to finish it.

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fine work
herakles10 on Jan-20-2017

I have been to the south of France last week and have driven the D2566 from Sospel to the Col de Turini and back three times. It really is a great road and I can understand why it is used for the Rally Monte Carlo. Exactly this part from the D2566 is recreated in this rFactor track. If you have never been there, it looks not bad. All corners and elevations come close to what I can remember from last week driving there. Most of the time the mountain is on one side of the real road and the valley on the other side. But in the rFactor track I don't see the valley at all. Most of the time I see the mountains on both sides of the road. Which makes the rFactor track a bit disappointing to me. Driving with the mountain on one side and the valley on the other side is an important part of what makes this road so special. You can see an onboard from a Lambourghini on the real D2566 on
and an onboard from the Rally MonteCarlo on

So my questions are: DMz and Steely, have you ever seen the D2566 from Sospel to the Col de Turini as it looks in reality? Why did you make the rFactor version with mountains on both sides of the road?
I had no problem running this track on my computer. It took a long time loading it for the first time but all the times after that loading went pretty fast.
NitroMcClean on Jul-20-2013

Amazing stage. Wonderful. Thank you, creators. It works for me. Be patient, it seems to be stuck in 3/4 of loading but eventually it load. Check your control light of harddsisk on your pc or ntbk. If it blinking, track is loading and you have to wait.
pepino16 on Jul-11-2013

Thank you for the great track. Really enjoying it in GT3 RS lol If you let the track load the first time to create the HAT files automaticly then the track loads much faster the second time. Just watch some TV the first time or something lol
internet tough guy on Mar-03-2013

loading stop at 75 % ??? and no responding ??
Djuka on Jan-23-2013

The links are dead ...
Todeschini on Jul-06-2012

what r u supposed to do with HAT files?
NerfHerder52 on Jul-05-2012

Did you export this track to Richard Burns Rally?
Hrubos on Apr-26-2012

Doesnt start - loading stopps at 75% - Error loading... back to windows
Neiles on Jul-06-2011

Dont waste your time downloading huh? Its a very very large and long track and patience is required. Grab the hat files, install the patch, it will work if you persist.
dmz on Jun-03-2011

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