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Complete Guide to Painting 1

By: jetpilot888 and Ace Motorsport

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Screenie by: jetpilot888
Screenie by: jetpilot888

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just a guide that i wrote because i thought it would help people get started, quicker than i did anyway!. This guide also has a much more in depth look at painting windows, than the instructions you'll find with the readme that usually comes with them

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Thanks a lot!
Zack on Mar-22-2012

Stjepanj on Jul-13-2011

Thanks a million!!!
Mac Porteiro on Jul-12-2011

Good idea...Kudos to you m8.
Bruce_Leeroy on Jul-12-2011

Thanks for this one. Will look at it.
erwin greven on Jul-12-2011

Thank you very much for this guide. I'm a rFactor "user", not a modder, but with all the work others have done I like to do something back. It is a bit difficult to start so guides like this are very welcom. Can somebody make something like this for building a track or making a mod? Just to get us started.
NitroMcClean on Jul-12-2011

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