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Concept Haulers Motor Speedway 0.50

By: Shawn Campbell
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Kart Tracks
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: SCampbell
Screenie by: SCampbell
Screenie by: Shawn Campbell
Screenie by: Shawn Campbell

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Concept Haulers Motor Speedway is a 0.7mi permanent kart racing facility located outside of Chicago Illinois located in the town of Norway, IL. The track has featured many midwestern and national events for both two and four cycle categories.

This is my first time serious effort at creating a kart circuit. As I have previously made karting circuits which I did not have enough time to complete, I hope that this track will be one that I am satisfied enough with to release. The track layout is fairly solid at the moment. I am currently working on adding the trackside objects. Next steps will be working in MAX to clean up the terrain and finish the pits. Finally, AIW and cameras will need to be edited. Once this process is complete, I should have enough for beta testing version, hopefully in the next couple months.

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Bobeil123 on Apr-17-2018

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Peter592 on Dec-21-2017

Hi Shawn! I'm racing there this weekend. Any chance to get a drivable beta release?
f2000keith on Nov-20-2017

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Smith709 on Nov-04-2017

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Bowser563 on Oct-11-2017

Just a quick update on progress - I am now working on the buildings for the track including the scoring/main red building near the track, then I have to make the scale house, the barn, and a few others. Then it will be back to finishing the pits, terrain, additional trackside objects before I will feel comfortable releasing a beta version.
SCampbell on Jan-15-2016

No, it was never beta released. I have been very busy in the past year and have not had the opportunity to finish it. I have plans to continue working on it soon and hopefully have some kind of beta released. My goal is to eventually get it into rfactor 2 as well.
SCampbell on Dec-11-2015

I'm interested in this mod... Was it ever beta'd or released?
f2000keith on Sep-24-2015

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