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Coolbits 1

By: NA

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"With a couple of registry modifications, you can easily overclock your video card, and have smoother video and better frame rates." Coolbits is a must have utility for nvidia cards.

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AndreasParker on May-14-2020

So you guys are installing something that edits your registry and your not backing up your registry first??? LMAO!
Try a registry cleaner/repair and then when that doesnt work re-install windows. And before you install anything that says it needs to change your registry, make a back up first.
pokernod on Jul-04-2012

And, in fact all the sounds sound terrible. Just goin' to youtube and listening something, sounds terrible. I have unistalled the coolbits, but it continues stuffering. Help.
TK100 on Jun-12-2010

And I tried to set the settings in nVidia panel to be better, and uh, I can't still drive a race. Just testing, and when I test, the formula sounds are horrible, as well the music. So, HOW CAN I UNINSTALL THIS???!!!
TK100 on Jun-09-2010

I downloaded this, installed and went to game. Before that, I set the nVidia settings to lowest, and went to game, clicked "race" and when I was in the monitor, I clicked Start Race and the game crashed. Help, please?
TK100 on Jun-08-2010

I downloaded and it asked if I wanted to create a registry to which I agreed. Then I got bad stuttering, like a frame every five seconds. I deleted the coolbits and it pretty much went away but it still is not running right. Any recommendations please?
oregonmon on Jan-27-2009

is there one of these for ATI cards?
pitstop25 on Jan-07-2009

download this for "stuttering" fix.
the_last_name_left on Sep-18-2008

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