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Coppa Paolino Teodori 0.90

By: Zeffio
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Temporary Circuits
Initial release: 11-Oct-10
Current release: 0.900, on 11-Oct-10

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Screenie by: zeffio
Screenie by: zeffio
Screenie by: ascoliracer
Screenie by: ascoliracer
Screenie by: ascoliracer
Screenie by: ascoliracer
Screenie by: ascoliracer
Screenie by: ascoliracer
Screenie by: saso
Screenie by: saso

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Coppa Paolino Teodori 0.9

A lot of fix

Added a Chrono in Test Session
Added a scenery at start and end

Drive only in Test Session with 0 opponents

Bob's Track Builder
RaceDepartement - for beautiful Xpacks
Gruppo Sportivo AC Ascoli Piceno
Verz for Beta Tester

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407/500 (123 votes) 1 2 3 4 5
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Sense of Immersion
Texture Quality
Track Layout
Racing Line
AI Behaviour
Facilities (Pits, Grid etc)
OK Track Naming
FPS Performance
Realistic Track Surface
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tracciato cronoscalata montevergine
ramando on Jan-09-2013

ciao potresti creare un tracciato per me ? grazie
ramando on Jan-09-2013

Ciao Zeffio,ora su Google Maps trovi la Street View del percorso della Coppa Paolino Teodori potrebbe essere uno spunto
ascoliracer on Dec-13-2011

Ciao makicu,

Se hai lo stesso problema vuol dire che hai la vecchia versione
devi scaricare l'ultima versione cioè la 0.8!
zeffio on Sep-17-2011

Originally posted by: Cossacco

I have a serious problem getting out of pits on this track. Basically, I start in this position: . If i try to go up and around the fence, I literally "sink" into that road. So there is no way to get on the main road at all...


Io ho lo stesso problema suo..come si può fare?
makicu on Sep-09-2011

Molto bello lo scenario nuovo,complimenti!!
ascoliracer on Jun-10-2011

A quando la release della versione 1.0?
ascoliracer on Feb-26-2011

Hi flashpeter,you can find the Alfa Romeo 155 V6 Ti in DTM 1994 mod.Link in pm;-)
ascoliracer on Oct-21-2010

It's work only in single race (not Test!) with 0 AI opponents! It's a Hillclimb race! In the next release all problems fixed!
zeffio on Oct-21-2010

Why is there a fence obstructing access to the track?
Why doe the game crash rfactor?
what a waste!
martracer on Oct-20-2010

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