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Core Race Centre 1

By: Dazadz
Origin: Scratch | Fantasy
Category: Permanent Circuits
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Created with Bob's Track Builder.

This is my first release, the track was created for our league and we have had our first races here without any problems.

The track is suitable for Touring Cars, I tested with V8 AI and they are very good around the circuit, other mods have had mixed results with the AI, some cars seem to roll alot in the hands of the AI but can be easily handled by real people!

Open Wheelers and Sports Cars should also suit the track but be aware it is a small track with a very tight pit lane, I purposefully left it this way because I like the fact that it increases the possiblity of pit dramas in the middle of a long race if you lose concentration for an instant.

The corners are named after members of our league and there are Core banners everywhere! I never intended to release this publicly but other league members have convinced me to because they were quite impressed with the track.
Please be kind with your comments!

To Install: Extract the CoreRaceCentre folder and place into your Locations folder.

Enjoy ;)

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Brilliant track for rFactor and sim racing. The hill can be a bit of a sore point in the slower cars but makes a great drafting opportunity. I particularly like the banner, check it out if you download it
tomthedon on Mar-06-2011

Well it's been a month and no reply and no sign of my track in the downloads.
So I added another download link incase that was the problem.
Hope to see my track show up soon.
Dazadz on Jun-25-2010

Hi, I added this track last week, I'm glad to finally see some mention of it on the site, however, I cannot find it in any of the track downloads.
Do I need to add more details or have I done something wrong?
This is the first time I've uploaded a track so I'm not sure if I've done it absolutely right.
Dazadz on May-28-2010

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