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Cronight Circuit 2.10

By: Aleksandar Knezevic
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 19-Aug-10
Current release: 2.100, on 26-Oct-10

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Screenie by: ACOK97
Screenie by: ACOK97

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Cronight Circuit
Fictional Track
Lenght 3.3 km / 2.0 miles
On YouTube
Please donate to help me make more tracks ;D

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Sure this is a BTB track, but the AIW can't be done as precise as in some other editors.
ACOK97 on Nov-19-2010

Haha Nisam, Srbin sam ( po imenu ipak ne mozes nista zakljuciti ) , samo sto sam vozio u ovoj Hrvatskoj ligi , te sam htio za oprostaj da im uradim stazu . inace
Da, dali su mi oni prijedlog za Grobnik vidicu da kad nadjem vremena , probam nesto da napravim.
ACOK97 on Nov-19-2010

Po imenu i prezimenu, i i nazivu Cro u traci mogu naslutiti da si Hrvat? Ako nisi ispricavam se. Dal si razmisljao da slozis grobnik???
d2nis on Oct-18-2010

Hey, this looks like a BTB track. AIW can be done in BTB.
PieLighter on Oct-18-2010

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