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Croydon Cross Club 1

By: Tommy78 and Tommy78
Origin: Scratch | Fantasy
Category: Dirt Tracks
Initial release: 25-Jul-09
Current release: 1, on 07-Nov-09

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Screenie by: Tommy78
Screenie by: Tommy78

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This is my first Dirt track, easy and fast. I used only the BTB.
This is a fantasy dirt track, and 3.268 km long, has got 44 pit location and 51 start grid. The name came from the place where i live. Croydon is a part of London. I tested this track with few mods, WCORR, Group B and RWD Rallycross. Try it and enjoy!


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@TheAxeMurderer - Did you place the folder 'Tommy78_Dirt' in the Locations folder, not just the 'CCC' folder in the Locations folder?

Folder structure should be:- Locations>Tommy78_Dirt>CCC(and include the sky.mas file).

If this does not work it may be a conflict with another track or mod you have installed. I also tested it with Config for DX7,8 and 9 and it works with all of them.

Best of luck,
Fastfest on Nov-14-2009

Hey. I get an error when trying to load the track. Get a MAS error with the SKY.MAS file. Any reason for this? Really want to try the track as I'm from Croydon too.
TheAxeMurderer on Nov-09-2009

Thanks for All!!

Nearly coming my next track, and i think it will be better. My new track is ....
Tommy78 on Nov-09-2009

Really enjoyed the design of this track. Especially like the uphill with sharp turn and the jump. Tested track offline using Kodi and found that just after the race starts the AI lines all the vehicles up like a train and that's the way they proceed around the track. I guess it's something to do with the AIW. If this could be altered so there are different racing lines for the AI vehicles it would be better I think.

Congrats on a great track design.
Fastfest on Nov-08-2009

same as above.. got this the other day and ive ran the historx abarths on it.. lol.. 30car feild rocks.. MK1 Escorts love it too) great work well done esp for a first release.. good luck with any future ventures
THEDUMMY on Nov-08-2009

I have to agree that for your first track it's actually quite fun. Seems a little wide in some spots, but fun all the same. The big step-up jump is a nice touch. Thanks for the effort.
suesman on Nov-08-2009

Dude for your first track this thing rocks fun shit, I love the big bolders that move, and the uphill jump/ the tricky big one at the end, with the WRX i can land ontop of hill thanks for your hard work.
Ntimid8ter on Nov-07-2009

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