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Croydon Grand Prix 1.71

By: PieLighter
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Temporary Circuits
Initial release: 20-Jul-10
Current release: 1.710, on 05-Mar-11

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Screenie by: PieLighter
Screenie by: PieLighter
Screenie by: PieLighter
Screenie by: PieLighter
Screenie by: PieLighter
Screenie by: PieLighter
Screenie by: PieLighter
Screenie by: PieLighter
Screenie by: PieLighter
Screenie by: PieLighter

Description (Click to toggle Visibility)

A fantasy street circuit in a real place - my hometown, Croydon, in South London, United Kingdom.

Made in BTB.

Thanks to:
dosgraphix - office blocks
Ennis - objects like pit buildings, cones - brick wall texture Piddy/Brendon Pywell - for the one, the only, the amazing BTB!


v1.0 released.

-Main release

-Lots of people were having problems with not being able to load the track, including rFC [Fresh!]. So here is an updated version, with some parts of v2 in it.

-Texture fixes incorporated
-Pitlane finished (shops)

-v1.6 had the textures muddled up, so this has been sorted
-uses CAM file by pycat
*Be sure to download the AIW fix by chub_pearson! This fixes the extreme slowing down of AI cars in the tunnel - this was due to limitations in the BTB AIW editor.

-AIW fix incorporated (thanks chub_pearson!)
-train tracks raised (they are 20% of the model's original height in v1.61, and I have increased them to 55%). Expect some bouncing!

-Experimental wet addon available (place in Locations/CroydonStreetFestivalOfSpeed)

Next major version - 2.0
It will have some of the office blocks removed to make way for the shops etc that are there in real life.
Pitlane road surface and textures more accurate.

All shop textures are from Google Street View.

The only shops that will not be in the track are those where the space is taken up by the pit garages, or where they are not visible, to minimise polys, and therefore performance within rFactor and BTB.

The track is very FPS friendly.

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anything on V2? cause Im from around the croydon area and I would love to race round the updated version as well
antoniogregori16 on May-08-2016

Any release date yet for version 2
m.masters on Dec-10-2014

I've started work on v2 - from scratch, the track is now in the correct scale and will be entirely reworked.
PieLighter on Jun-21-2013

Looks good - My hometown is finally famous!!!!
drac234cpfc on Mar-27-2011

From the Great Britain (RBR) XPack, not sure why the houses do that.
PieLighter on Mar-06-2011

Great Job ! I really like this track !
Luma on Mar-06-2011

Always strange see-through in the roofs of all your "Swiss" little houses.
trecinni on Mar-06-2011

Got it working - uploading now.
PieLighter on Mar-05-2011

Trying to add a wet layout, but SimEd is giving me trouble with cubemaps - I'll get there eventually!
PieLighter on Mar-02-2011

You can download this track v1.7 here:

wojteks102 on Feb-19-2011

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