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Cubemaps 1

By: GSMF-Alien & 6e66o

Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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New Cubemaps by GSMF Alien & 6e66o


In this package you will find lots of new cubemaps ready to use in your game.

Optimized for rF/GTL/GTR/Race07 etc.


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hey guys please it doesnt work with F1 wcp mod i dont know how to install cuz i cant find the however it called can u help me thx
stoepsel on Feb-18-2010

Nice stuff!
TravisD on Jun-26-2009

nice pack of various reflective levels there 6e66o, many thanks.. rename the CUBE_MAP_DX9 file EMAP_PAINT and put it in the VEHICLES folder. (C:\Program Files\rFactor\GameData\Vehicles) . . . . . . RESULTS= <<NORMAL>> <<MORE>> <<LESS>>
THEDUMMY on Jun-24-2009

Originally posted by: mclaren_mercedes_f1

no link?

Get em here:
6e66o on Jun-24-2009

no link?
mclaren_mercedes_f1 on Jun-24-2009

can you send me how to do please beacause i don't know how to do
i m french sorry for my bad english

zorro1922 on Jun-11-2009

You have NOT place DDS into HISTORICAL FIA GT. You have to place it into HISTORIC GT folder! Now I can see it it game.
Merkava on Feb-25-2009

You can kill me. But I renaming into and has no result. I mean Historic mod.
What can be wrong?
Merkava on Feb-23-2009

ok thanks, so going on that statement you only need to put one in not both for example CAR_CUBE_DX9 and CAR_CUBE?
07spanky07 on Jan-17-2009

Originally posted by: 07spanky07

to make these work do we have to put the new "CAR_CUBE" in as well?

depends on the mod i´d say.
Most times a "car_cube_dx9" is enough.
6e66o on Jan-16-2009

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