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Custom FFB Mod 2

By: RSmithdrift

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Screenie by: RSmithdrift
Screenie by: RSmithdrift

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Update v2.0 7/12/13
I managed to make RealFeel Simulate Leo's stationairy effects, the only reason i was using it so it is no longer needed. I also added some negative aligning moment feel to RealFeel to give it a more true to life feeling than ever. I also managed to make Rfactor default ffb REPLICATE REALFEEL!!!! That's right if you dont care about stationairy forces theirs no need for any ffb plugins anymore! I still use the realfeel only to give a car by car ffb setup and keep the stationary forces. Please uninstall all ffb plugins prior to installation of this and YOU MUST READ THE README TO GET THE VITAL CONTROLLER.INI DATA YOU NEED TO COPY/PASTE OVER TO MAKE THIS WORK CORRECTLY.



Using a combination of RealFeel and LeoFFB and controller.ini changes I have created a very excellent feeling FFB setup. I tried my best to simulate my 240sx with manual steering rack. I beleive I did as good as is possible for myself.


Credits go to Realfeel and LeoFFB creators for making those plugins and myself for wanting good feel in my steering for realistic drifting.

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