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Origin: Scratch | Fantasy
Category: Temporary Circuits
Initial release: 22-Jul-11
Current release: 1.100, on 06-Feb-12

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Screenie by: XAVI77
Screenie by: XAVI77
Screenie by: KING
Screenie by: KING
Screenie by: XAVI77
Screenie by: XAVI77
Screenie by: XAVI77
Screenie by: XAVI77

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Updated track, downgrading textures level, adding new ads and deleting objects from the rearview mirror, all changes with the main goal of decreasing the size in MB of the track, in order to improve the performance by using less resources of your PC.


This 100% urban fantasy track has been developed thinking in those drivers that like to drive their cars to the maximum, even scratching them in the walls. Behind these walls, you will see some of the most representative buildings from Bilbao, placed randomly along the track, designed by Eusko Biela Tracks – RFN. We have tried to mix typical 90 degrees urban corners with several attractive corners and stretches in order to make an exigent layout. Hope you enjoy this new project! We will be pleased if it makes you sweat driving to the limit!!! ;-)

borimoli - Track designer & track builder
XAVI77 - graphical assistance and beta testing
pibe14-,Spaskis, jose_27 & Sacreseti Team - - beta testing

And all the simdrivers from league that help and support all team to release this circuit!!

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This is how all tracks should be made , nice an wide with a great flow.
newstart027 on Nov-30-2016

Gran noticia!!!!
Esperamos con ansiedad. Me muero por correr por el botxo.
Eskerrik asko berriro!!
jolit on Oct-22-2012

Estamos en ello!! pero tenemos tres encargos pendientes antes... A ver si en verano 2012 nos ponemos. Edificios ya hay unos cuantos modelados. thanks!!
borimoli on Apr-01-2012

Kaixo euskobiela, enhorabuena por la pista, pinta muy bien. Aupa ahí esa "Catedral" inmortalizada.
¿Para cuándo una versión del Bilbao Urban Circuit 2005? Creo que somos muchos los que lo esperamos con ganas. Sería un regalazo
Eskerrik asko!
jolit on Feb-07-2012

It's the Endurance Series mod by Enduracers.
DanImFast on Jul-24-2011

SonicTonic is right about the mod
borimoli on Jul-23-2011

Originally posted by: fuzzyfuz8

may i ask which kind of mod is running there on the screen ? would love to race these porsches and ferraris

i dont know which mod specifically, but runs multi-class Le Mans Series style endurance races, porsches and ferraris included
SonicTonic on Jul-23-2011

Fantastic urban track, very precise and accurate driving to race here!
tomfuegue on Jul-22-2011

may i ask which kind of mod is running there on the screen ? would love to race these porsches and ferraris
fuzzyfuz8 on Jul-22-2011

Great Track dude
Big thumbs up.
Alpha001 on Jul-22-2011

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