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DRM Revival 2.02

Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Touring
Initial release: 09-Mar-12
Current release: 2.020, on 22-Jun-12

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Screenie by: dmatzies
Screenie by: dmatzies
Screenie by: dmatzies
Screenie by: dmatzies
Screenie by: dmatzies
Screenie by: dmatzies
Screenie by: dmatzies
Screenie by: dmatzies

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Version 2.0B for rFactorcentral called 2.02

We have integrated the SRPL-Shader in the MOD and could achieve an improvement of the graphics, save texture memory simultaneously.
Hope, you like the version with the shader. It was the first work with the shaders, constructive criticism is welcome.

No changes about the sound, physics.

Thanks to SRPL for their work on the shaders, great guys.


Please download the new 2.0B Version, it is a complete version, no update.

When you have an existing installation of a 2.x, you can copy all files from the new version over the old version.
We prefer to take a new and fresh rf-Lite installation.

Welcome to Revival DRM 2.0B

The German German Racing Championship was one of the most popular national racing
series that ever existed, featuring spectacular & powerful cars and legendary drivers
like Hans Joachim Stuck, Klaus Ludwig, Rolf Stommelen & Bob Wollek.

The mod comes with extensive manual in German and in English.
Please read the manual's from the V1.0 or the 1.1 to 2.0 in the the folder SUPPORT\DRM at your rF-installation.
Here you can get information about the MOD setting of the graphic card and other important things.

The best practice is, to install a new rf-Lite version, get here at rFC, and copy ALL files from the
installation file into the new rF-Installationl.


After the Release of the 1.1 we go back to root, and use the FFB from rFactor. The DRM-Revival 2.0 supports Leo and Real-Feel, but
were are happy without the plugins

The cars of the DRM-revival are HighPoly models, please use a graphics card with min. 512 MB or 1 GB of memory, and DX9,
this is the standard in 2012 !

Take a look to the xD-Tool for rF, use google to find the tool.
This tool observe the durability of the engine, a very important part for this MOD.

I think the words were enough. In. into the cars and out onto the track.


NIL: Sound
CK73: Skins, Video
dmatzies: 3D, Textures, Physic and the rest of the hole shi*

Thanks to cooky, to using the 935 from GTL and faderone for the revision of the BMW 320.
Thanks to all simracer who drive the 1.0/1.1 and provided us with information, criticism and suggestions.

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michaelmcfarlane on Aug-14-2020

Love, love this mod. Was wondering if someone could help. There is a Mustang GTX Turbo (1981 Miller Mustang) made for an IMSA mod that uses GTPC. The instructions are to have GTPC then drop this car (actually three, different car numbers and a little different paint) into the /Prototype C/Ford folder. I can say the car works, well I deleted the spindles in the .gen file as I was getting an error for all spindles. Anyway, what I would love to do, and have tried many things with no joy, is to be able to put this vehicle in the DRM mod so I can run #63 with these cars, as #63 did run at Norisring and took 2nd, so I think it's more than historically correct, even if it was only one race. If ANYBODY could help that would be appreciated immensely. SportscarGT was not as good a game but easy as all hell to drag and drop vehicles all around those folders. rFactor doesn't seem to like that.
drarbo01 on Jan-14-2019

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newstart027 on Nov-29-2016

We have integrated the SRPL-Shader in the MOD and could achieve an improvement of the graphics.
newstart027 on Nov-29-2016

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DRM Revival Templates.rar http://trippteamdownload.serve...vival%20Templates.rar

or http://trippteamdownload.serve...tor%201/A-F/DRM-Skins/
Slobbeman on Jul-06-2015

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