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DTR3 0.10

By: Bruce Carroll & Scott Clark
Origin: Composite | Real World
Category: Dirt Oval
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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For all you DTR2 racers, me and Scott, AKA XCR_52c will be building this mod for you guys. These cars will feel, look and drive like DTR2 cars with some small tweaking to possibly allow 3 wheeling. Right now we are working on the LMs, MODS, and Sprints. Car models will be either be the original dtr2 models or some what look a little better but still close. What ever we decide to use, we want to give a big thanks to Mike Jackson for these models. As we work on the cars, we will post betas on The site isn't up yet but it will be soon.

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No.. It's not dead.
BruceB7 on Oct-13-2010

Did this die????? Or are you waiting on rFactor2
bent-fender on Oct-12-2010

I bet tons and tons of people would play this mod. I would love to see this happen and will be watching for it to come out.
charlesandstuff on Sep-03-2009

I know over 100 DTR2 racers, some even from DTR1.. I'll have plenty of help with the physics.
SBS-BruceB7 on Aug-13-2009

This sounds great. I loved DTR2 the cars were fun they drove good and 4 the time looked good. I would suggest talking with somne of the old DTR2 groups to get input on this project.
T018 on Aug-12-2009

Mod planned for the future, possibly for rFactor 2.
SBS-BruceB7 on Aug-04-2009

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