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Dallas Fair Park 1984 F1 0.40

By: Valiante
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Temporary Circuits
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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Screenie by: valiante
Screenie by: valiante
Screenie by: valiante
Screenie by: valiante

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The track of the Formula 1 Grand Prix from the 1984 season.
It was the only one gp in Dallas.
Track, aiw and cam is ready. Now I work on some textures and all the objects, buildings around the track.

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Any word of if this track will be completed or at least released as a beta, it looks great.
Kumczor on Oct-16-2012

Hey Valiante!!!
glad to see you're back!!! Since I bust my balls for a year figuring out how to do this track with as much details as i could at the time (as it was my first track i recall i left some things out...).
But i know the race by heart, What corner number are you talking about? There's a heck of a lot of left 90° corners on that track...!! and on what side of the track?
Go also on sketchup you can get some pretty damn good buildings for the track that were there at the time.
Also, I allow you to use the buildings I made myself that you can find in the F1c dallas track.
nericksenna on May-11-2011


Thank you your reply. I have the race but the quality is not enough good to see the buildings around the track. What I would like to ask if somebody has got a sunny afternoon there, to make some good pictures about the building, and I can make the textures. One question. In the south far corner ( where they turn in a 90 left corner ) there was a house ( may be brick covered ) and it is notthere now. Does anybody know about it? Thank you again all help.
valiante on Apr-25-2011

Valiente, I'm the second person who gave you a donation for F1 1985....

I may be able to help. These days I live about 35 miles north of Fair Park. Went there to the Texas Sate Fair a few months ago. Not sure where the track was though, I'll need to research that.

Even better....I have Canon hasn't been in a VCR for about 25 years so I'm not sure if its any good, in fact I don't even have a VCR anymore....

Dallas GP 1984. Includes Chris Ekonomaki's adjournment to the porta-potti, and the ending with Mansel trying to push his Lotus across the line.

I'll see if I can find anyone with a VCR so I can get a few laps.

You should still have my email. If not sign up at rFactor-League.
IMSA GTP on Apr-25-2011

HI All

Thisweekend I have built the track again from the 0. I hope it is worthy.
Can somebody help me with good pictures about the houses around the track? Thank you.

Soon new pictures.
valiante on Apr-25-2011

HI all,

I know I haven't written for almost a year, I have worked on other projects. I still have the idea to finish this track. I hope when it will be ready it will be good enough.

-=OcM=-! Please if you read this contact me in preivate. Thank you
valiante on Nov-19-2010

Originally posted by: -=OcM=- Phat4b

Yes please! I was at the race, when I was 6. I ride the route of the circuit on my bicycle all the time. That race weekend had the hottest track temp ever recorded in F1, hell, the ambient was 105F but felt more like 115. Mansell passed out trying to push his car across the line after running out of fuel on the final stretch. As much as that race was a disaster, all the drivers said it was the most challenging circuit they had encountered. I would love to fly through the livestock expo, behind the Cotton Bowl, scream past the Hall of State, around the Automobile Building to the Music Hall. Rocket down in front of the Science Place, etc, etc.....

P.S. Your background is showing the wrong side of town in relation to Fair Park, and a few buildings that weren't there yet

I lived in Raleigh at the time, but recall Mansell pushing his car. And Chris Economaki stepping into the box.....

I was at Fair Park last Saturday Night, so I downloaded the file...haven't tried it yet.
IMSA GTP on Oct-15-2010

Any news or is this dead before arrival.
rich54 on Oct-15-2010

gisss on Dec-04-2009

Hi All,

Even I still work on the 1985 mod, and I don't know when will I get to the end of the work, I don't give up to make this track. I like it, and I like it more and more as I make it.

-=OcM=- Phat4b, I am very happy, thet there is somebody who is so near to the Fair Park.
Would you be so kind to contact me on my email? I would like to ask some infos. ( the background is only a picture I have found in the google, to change the brithish country field background to a Dallas image. )

Thank You
valiante on Sep-30-2009

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