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Dansk Super Kart 1

By: Normark
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Kart Tracks
Initial release: 26-Mar-09
Current release: 1, on 26-Mar-09

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Screenie by: normark
Screenie by: normark
Screenie by: normark
Screenie by: normark
Screenie by: normark
Screenie by: normark
Screenie by: normark
Screenie by: normark

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Dansk Super Kart, version 1
The track-pack contains 4 danish kart-tracks

Track/objects/aiw/ Leif Nørmark Sørensen
Inspiration for creating this serie: Lars Søby

Extract the contents and place it in your Locations folder. You will find a DSK folder with the four tracks.

Dansk Super Kart is a kart-serie which is raced as a danish championship using three tracks:
Roskilde, Thy and Grindsted.
The Three tracks are available in the DSK track-pack and there are a bonus-track ( Fynsgokartcenter)
which is not included in the DSK-serie, but still a fun track to race.(the first track I made, be gentle)
All track-layouts are very accurate, and the surroundings are also close to real-life, athough Fynsgokartcenter are a bit off concerning details in garage-area.
All tracks have the typical “country”-feel, thats the way kart-tracks are in Denmark.

Running BR-Karts on these tracks you will see AI-drivers brake to late after long straights, I dont know how to teach them to brake:-)

Track lengths: Roskilde:1.250 m, Thy: 1.230 m, Grindsted: 900 m, Fynsgokartcenter: 735 m
My records: Roskilde: 0:44.807, Thy: 0:46.559, Grindsted: 0:32.446, Fynsgokartcenter: 0:29.611

The real-life tracks websites are: ( Thy ) ( Fynsgokartcenter )

Last years real-races can be seen here:

Have fun,

By downloading and/or using this track you agree that:
- This track may only be used for non-commercial use in rFactor. No permission is granted to use the DSK-tracks, either in part or whole for any other project or racing game. This applies to all work contained within this release including, but not limited to, the models and textures.
Conversion to any other gaming format is prohibited without permission.

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