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Darlington 1992 1

By: Rodrrico
Origin: Scratch | Fantasy
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 25-Jan-13
Current release: 1, on 25-Jan-13

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Screenie by: Rodrrico
Screenie by: Rodrrico
Screenie by: rFC
Screenie by: rFC
Screenie by: rodrrico
Screenie by: rodrrico

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Darlington Park is a fictional circuit set inland of the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. Darlington's flow and feel suits 1990s
Formula One cars which is why I have set it in 1992. It looks and feels similar to that of Rouen-Les Essarts if it were built in the 1980s.

The circuit is very fast with around an 80-85% full throttle power down the hill then back up through the woods. Though, beware that some walls are very close
leaving you the driver with very little room for error.

I have set a lap time of 1minute 06.051 in a Ferrari 1992. I would like to see a video of someone beating it in the same car or another car from the 1992 F1 season.
A lap time in a modern F1 car should be around 1minute 3 seconds.

I have not built a pit complex as I am not the best at models that have 'interaction' from cars within the game. If you are interested in building a pit complex,
please contact me as I would like to see a suitable 1990s pit complex.

If you like my tracks then please consider donating just a little to my PayPal. It takes a very long time to make these tracks that I give to the community for free. Thank you :)

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Thanks for the pic. It was clear. We are having another dry run here in our latest upcoming show in 2019 jan. Park Colonial, Riverfront Residences, Margaret Ville, Uptown @ Farrer, 8 Hullet, Parc Esta, Jadescape, Treasure @ Tampines, Tre Ver, The Tre Ver, Garden Residences, Jovell, The Jovell, Kent Ridge Hill, Kent Ridge Hill Residences, Stirling Residences, The Tapestry, Tapestry, Whistler Grand, Renovation singapore, Renovation contractor singapore, Renovation singapore, Renovation contractor singapore, Renovation singapore, Renovation contractor singapore, Space Walk,
dummybakeapie on Jan-10-2019

Ah I see what you meant! Thanks for the pic. You can see where I clearly deviated from the real world circuit. Maybe I will make a newer version based on the layout you have shown here.
rodrrico on Jun-03-2013

Thanks for the reply rodricco. I think you may have misunderstood. Darlington Park, this one, is on the Gold Coast, not the Sunshine Coast as you've mentioned in your description.

Darlington Park Map

It's west of Ormeau in the Gold Coast City Council shire.
rick93 on May-07-2013

Rick93, sorry I do occasionally check comments on my old circuits and today I read yours. I too love the Gold Coast (by in large). You never know, maybe I will make a circuit set in the hills near the coast there.
rodrrico on May-06-2013

Hi rodrrico. Once again, congratulations on a fantastic track, another to go along with your great collection. As I mentioned when I made my earlier post, regarding the location of the track, it is pedantic, but as a Gold Coaster I suppose I'm a little proud of what we had and what we could've had. Just wondered if you'd missed the post since there was no reply. Cheers!!
rick93 on Apr-27-2013

When they pay me to put their logos up then I will load the tracks in real world sponsors. The track doesn't exist so it has no historical value and therefore I will not add real companies to my tracks ever again without some incentive.
rodrrico on Feb-15-2013

Not saying this track is bad, its superb. But why are there fake sponsors and not the real deal?
SkilledF1Racer on Feb-14-2013


Keyboard. I used to have a wheel for a time, but it tore up the dining room table, so it had to go. I have been racing with the keyboard since ICR2, so I am used to it...also helps with Need For Speed World. I will look into the f11992 mod, I do not have it, but may give it a to you soon.
saultenian on Jan-29-2013

Good effort! Did you use a wheel or a keyboard? It looks like a keyboard. Do you have F1 1992? If so, I would love to see a lap around the track that eclipses my time in an F1 1992 car!
rodrrico on Jan-28-2013


Fastest lap so far...1:01,489 with the is here:

saultenian on Jan-28-2013

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