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Davidstow 0

By: Tim Nightingale
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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I've decided to put my mammoth first track idea on hold for the time being, and use a smaller project to hone my skills (as it were...!)

With the recent release of the 1955 F1 mod, and the subsequent discovery that a non-championship round was held in Cornwall where I used to live in that very year, I've decided to recreate the Davidstow airfield track.

The lap itself looks fairly dull, using 2 of the 3 runways on the site, a connecting road for a back straight, with a chicane made using hay bales just before a hairpin. Not the most exciting layout I admit, but I'm one for historical accuracy - and they raced there in '55. There's also something about old 50s cars racing around haybales down bumpy, disused runways with grass growing up through cracks in the concrete - I envisage a run-down, worn out look for the track.

Now, this is the question, and it's a long shot - I've scoured the net for any images of the racing that took place there, and have come up with next to nothing. There's very little left of the original site there now, a B road goes straight through the old airfield, and all that remains of the old air control tower is a dilapidated shell of a building (of which I have a few photos). Does anyone have any images that might be of some use, so I could create a semi-historically correct track, rather than a semi-fantasy track, based on what I imagine it might have looked like back in the 1950s??

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