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Dawson Speedway 0.99

By: {WOT} NEEBS & KSmith
Origin: Scratch | Fantasy
Category: Dirt Ovals
Initial release: 18-Jun-07
Current release: 0.990, on 28-Jun-07

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Screenie by: deanjet
Screenie by: deanjet

Description (Click to toggle Visibility)

This is based on Dawson County Speedway in Lexington, NE.

3/8 Mile Dirt Oval,

2 different events

Dry Slick version

Tacky version

2 grooves

Thanks to for allowing us to use some textures, and objects from thier tracks.

Thanks to PRO racing for testing the track

Please let us know of any problems you may find while running this track

SlinginDirt and MrIntense thanks for letting us use the haulers. They make the track look really cool.


1.00 will be out as soon as i get some more people to test it out.

The graphics have went way up, better FPS.

Working night lighting for DX 7. 8, 9

New grandstands, trees, buildings, the fence has been moved so you cannot run off the track on the front stretch.

2 new cameras, less shadows, but better looking.

there is less run off area if you go off the track, so it is more like the real track this is based off of.


There is still no AI, so please dont try to run them, you may get problems that could cause your game to crash. Just hop online and race with real people. i know PRO and HAR are going to be running the track, or are running 99 right now.


Updated grip levels (less) starts work with rolling starts, which is also used as track defualt starts. Pace car may no get into pits when you are going around for the 1 to go, but it will not cause any problems for the racing action. Yellows work, if a yellow comes out once you go past the start line for the yellow you must slow down on the back stretch to allow the pace car to catch up. Green flag drops coming out of 4. If you hit the trees hard enough in 1&2 or off the back stretch you wont be coming out, but i have never seen a real car end up in the trees at this track and come back out.

Should be alot better frames, low end computers need to run with shadows lower and special effects lower.

Any other problems please let me know, still no AI once dirtfactor is out then there will be some.

Please let me know what you think and what you would like to see in some of my up coming tracks.


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