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Daytona Road Course 1.10

By: James Burroughs
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 06-Jan-07
Current release: 1.100, on 01-Dec-07

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Screenie by: THEDUMMY
Screenie by: THEDUMMY
Screenie by: Kimi
Screenie by: Kimi
Screenie by: Kimi
Screenie by: Kimi

Description (Click to toggle Visibility)

Uploaded an exe version that has everything so it is a full install. Contains both SCN's, one with lighting and one without. Lighting is turned on by defualt you will need to manually change the scn to trn the lighting off.

12/4/2007:New SCN With Lighting added for Hi End Machines
Will not cause mismatches

This has mild lighting added to the SCN for higher
end Machines.

To use, first back up your old SCN by renaming it

Then Un rar the with_lites_Daytona_Road.scn.

Copy it and rename it Daytona_Road.scn

Update to version 1.1, I should have a new scratch version done by the end of the year, this will fix many issues that were in the original version.

Adds new Ferris Wheel I made, with 3 step LOD
New AIW, fixes Garage, Pit, and Cut track
New Xsector that fixes the old Corupt ones.
Updated SCN and GDB

Daytona Road Course For rFactor

Converted with David Noonans Trackmaker

Edited with 3dSimEd and 3ds Max8

Final GMT's all made by Max

From the Original Layout By Alex Ulleri from the N2003 Track by him.

Road Textures are from Jacksonville.

All billboards Painted by Tim Collier, otherwise everything else was done by James Burroughs,

All credits go to Alex, Max, and Davin Noonan, All I did was rearrange stuff.

Thanks to "The Pits", and World GT League "WGTL" for doing some testing for me.

Any or all of my part of this may be used by anyone for anything without the need
of my permission, or any credits to me. Use as you want. Please ask Alex if you use his track mesh.

"The good of the many out weights the wants or the needs of the One"

There may be some future update as I am sure some bugs will pop up.

** Yellow Rumble Update: I forgot to change the rumble colors, just drop the yellow rumble file in the root
DaytonaRC track folder and it will change the red/white rumbles to yellow and black.

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Id love to import this track in to Kart Racing Pro and Make the kart track, can i get youre permission to do so? youll be fully credited.
monzakarter on Aug-28-2014

I am trying to modify the pits which only hold 40 at the moment to hold at least 50, perhaps 60 - if maybe the cars can be stacked in together lining up 2 together in there pit stall it would be of help? Or pointing outwards to track, much like a classic Le mans style grid? Help? Please?
Furinkazen on Aug-17-2013

Hi, is there any way to eliminate the chicane? The track would be awsome with no chicane in the oval. Help please.
X-MEN on Feb-13-2013

Hi all, had some issue with this track.. When a try to open it in a rfactor dedicated on my server the dedicated crash and don't load.. any tricks?
Holos on Mar-08-2010

check your rMail @ flame19123
_FIREWIRE_ on Feb-01-2010

hey guys im hoping i can get some help.i tried installing this track just drop it in and go race but when i went to go race it locked up right at the end of the loading bar. so i thought maybe it was just a bad load so i tried again and it did it again so i reinstalled 1.1 still did it so went to 1.0 and it still does it. so can anyone help me or tell me what im doing wrong here cause i would love to race here in the DP
flame19123 on Feb-01-2010

Originally posted by: preith

Great track, I'm very happy with it, but I have an older PC (call me cheap) and it really bogs down through the infield in front of the video screen. Anyone know how to delete the screen only??

Find the .blk file in the track and delete that. All on track screens use this format
mcb52 on Jan-31-2010

Find the .blk file in the track and delete that. All on track screens use this format.
mcb52 on Jan-31-2010

I am really looking forward to this one...
Nick30 on Apr-21-2009

I wont be updating this version. I am currently making a Jacksonville Road Course Addon...
J_Burroughs on Mar-01-2009

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