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Delaware Speedway 1

By: Cameron Wagner
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Oval Circuits
Initial release: 03-Aug-11
Current release: 1, on 05-Aug-11

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Screenie by: Cameron Wagner
Screenie by: Cameron Wagner
Screenie by: wagnerov
Screenie by: wagnerov
Screenie by: wagnerov
Screenie by: wagnerov
Screenie by: wagnerov
Screenie by: wagnerov

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Delaware Speedway is a half-mile paved oval stock-car track, located just west of London, Ontario, Canada. For more than 55 years, Delaware Speedway has been the home to some of the finest stock car racing in Canada. Its unique natural amphitheatre-like setting allows a family or group of friends to enjoy an exciting, comfortable and affordable evening or afternoon of entertainment.

Delaware Speedway, with it's egg-shaped layout, is a unique oval in that it has a slight elevation change on one side of the track. This version for rFactor also has different surfaces, concrete and asphalt, to make it similar to the real track.


Thanks to Bob's Track Builder, forums and free downloads (Ennis, Krunch, and a lot more...all indispensable), and for the idea

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Skproduction on Oct-14-2018

The track is well done mate! I've tried it thousand times but I'm not the pro by now. <- rooftop snipers.
annaBB on Jul-09-2018

Great job! HOF!
neron2 on Mar-06-2013

Great work! I ran the JCAR series here (#20). I racec a 4cyl now at Sauble. Probably racing part time enduro next time, so this will help!!
ryanrox on Oct-09-2011

Very excited to finally see this track on RFactor, as I grew up in Delaware and now live in London! Great model of the track, very close to the real deal. I would love to see the incorporation of the "Delaware Hill" coming out of turn 2. Don't know if anyone else is having this problem, but some of the transitions from the concrete to asphalt are causing some problems for some carsets. I have a good street stock mod that mimics the style of the Delaware Super Stocks nicely, but when a car comes out of turn two on the low side, the transition from the concrete patch to the asphalt is drastic enough that it's spinning a lot of the AI cars out as their rear end snaps around.

Excellent work! Thank you!
hitmaneoin on Aug-10-2011

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