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Derby Challenge 1

By: SiMCO and Emerico
Origin: Composite | Fantasy
Category: Touring
Initial release: 07-Dec-08
Current release: 1, on 07-Dec-08

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Screenie by: emerico
Screenie by: emerico
Screenie by: simcompany
Screenie by: simcompany
Screenie by: simcompany
Screenie by: simcompany
Screenie by: Rluan
Screenie by: Rluan
Screenie by: simcompany
Screenie by: simcompany

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Derby Challenge:

This is a fantasy challenge with very special physics and sounds. The car is a modificated ISI model.

Derby Car:
Original: Kodi Rayzor by ISI
Model update, 3D Works: SiMCO
Physics: SiMCO
Sounds: edited ISI Sounds by Emerico

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448/500 (981 votes) 1 2 3 4 5
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Realistic Damage
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ABSOFLOGGINLUTELY the best mod yet. I know it's based of an original car from the game, but it's entirely different. THe thing can be driven on just about any track you want & you're still gonna have Tons-o-Fun!!! Dirt or pavement doesn't seem to really matter. it's still works properly. Great job on this.
suesman on Sep-23-2009

Thanks. Superb mode. But, i need help with one little thing. When i switch over menu Player to Derby Chellenge, everything work fine. But RPM tachometr is other then in original. Some colourful. And when i switch over Player menu back to All tracks and vehicles, RPM tachometr is still colourful. Any cars which i want to drive, has this colourful RPM tachometr. Could you help me with this problem? Sorry for my bad english.
pepino16 on Sep-03-2009

absolutely fantastic!!! GREAT!!!
dariodj on Aug-09-2009

joseswervo on Mar-23-2009

Rluan: Great screenshot! This car is a monster on tarmack
simcompany on Feb-23-2009

Anyone have some good RealFeel settings for these???
torque on Jan-14-2009

Hello Happy New Years to All: Just dropped in to tell you peeps, this little car is like a go kart on Acid!!! Most fun thing I drove since I bought rFactor nothing beats this for fun and seat of the pants driveing, tyvm for this fun Car. Rogenator PS: since I put this in I have not run mch else!!!!!!!!!!
Rogenater on Dec-30-2008

the mod is great but the car is too loose. how do i get the car to be a little less loose? do I harden the suspension? what about the anti-roll bar, is there something I need to do with it? help me out with some basics setups.
Brasileiro on Dec-28-2008

Hello: Simply put OUTSTANDING!!!!! TUVVM Rogenator
Rogenater on Dec-26-2008

Yes, an awsome mod. Very exciting. Great screenies by the way. Pete should set up a Screenshot competition. Maybe Straight and Photoshoped.
kendo on Dec-21-2008

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