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Desert Mesa 1.03

By: DDawg
Origin: Scratch | Fantasy
Category: Dirt Tracks
Initial release: 18-Nov-07
Current release: 1.030, on 28-Jun-08

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A realistic fantasy track with an Arizona type feel.

A long time dream to have any type of desert track in a sim came to light when Vorra44 and I started talking about the need to have Baja's and Buggies in rFactor.

The track is 100% BTB Built (including the terrain - Pre-terrain editor version) and the fine tuning and objects are being done with 3dSimEd ...


5 Tracks included:


Desert Mesa "PRO" Short Course (both directions)
- these 2 tracks are challenging and difficult, requiring constant "on and off" accelerator control and a good setup in gearing and suspension.

Not recommended for non-Off-Road Vehicles. 100 Mile race is 47 laps of pure adrenaline ... 100K is 30 laps ...

Desert Mesa "Novice" Short Course (both directions)
- these two tracks are not really Novice tracks (more like a sportsmen type track) but tend to be more geared for those who want to race off-road and not be discouraged too quickly.

Suitable for a wide range of vehicles.

Desert Mesa (long course)
- Signature 3.17 Mile "extreme" course. Made primarily for the VORRA Mod, but the ORR2/WCORR can handle it

(the Baja go with this track like "Peas & Carrots" ... )

Reverse direction is not possible due to the "Saw Tooth" Triple Jump ...


Tracks still to be considered are:


Desert Mesa Road Course(s) - Long and short version (depends on how I feel and amount of work that it requires. Also on the amount of feedback and interest is shown.)


Update V1.03:


Fixed xFinish.GMT ERROR

Changed track venue in GDB file. Track starts under "VORRA"

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The Application won't unzip is there a version with just the folders?
KrimsonAce on Aug-23-2011

thanks, brilliant track, very well made, had lots of fun 5*
cheesefish on Jul-31-2009

Just want to say: love your track; fast and on dirt. Keep on the good work, thanks!
CETLA on Jun-11-2009

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