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Diablo Hills 3

By: DDawg
Origin: Scratch | Fantasy
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 11-Feb-07
Current release: 3, on 18-Feb-08

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Screenie by: DDawg
Screenie by: DDawg
Screenie by: DDawg
Screenie by: DDawg
Screenie by: DDawg
Screenie by: DDawg
Screenie by: DDawg
Screenie by: DDawg
Screenie by: DDawg
Screenie by: DDawg

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Diablo Hills v3

This track was originally scratch built using "sandbox" for NR2K3.

It has been updated and converted several times. Original conversions were done by DB and then Cammel for its first rFactor release.

This version is the best it has ever been and has received a whole new facelift. New textures, AIW, and objects. There is a lot of little extra touches that went into this updated release.

Mount Diablo is a real place located in California and is a well known landmark with a lot of history tied to it.

The hills that surround this mountain offer spectacular scenery for a backroad ride to the summit, either by car or Harley-Davidson (yes, sportbikes enjoy the twisties as well).

This fantasy 3 mile course offers some various camberd turns with a smooth fast flow supporting a wide range of vehicles.

I hope that you all enjoy this long time favorite of mine.


PS. Special thanks to Jeff Garfield and Gary Steele for thier great camera work. Also, to Gary for allowing me to use his sage brush he had created the textures for (Mason Pass).


Installation README File is included for those who are new to rFactor.

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Great track. Really enjoy the reverse circuit, it just flows. Excellent.
obbzyrt on Dec-13-2010

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