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Diamond Kart Ring 2

By: Mr Kenny D
Origin: Scratch | Fantasy
Category: Kart Tracks
Initial release: 03-Nov-09
Current release: 2, on 03-Nov-09

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Screenie by: DiamondLogic
Screenie by: DiamondLogic
Screenie by: DiamondLogic
Screenie by: DiamondLogic
Screenie by: DiamondLogic
Screenie by: DiamondLogic
Screenie by: DiamondLogic
Screenie by: DiamondLogic
Screenie by: DiamondLogic
Screenie by: DiamondLogic

Description (Click to toggle Visibility)

Diamond Kart Ring - Seven Sands 2.00
Updated and modified to conform with FIA Safety Standards..

This flowing 1.611km / 1.0mile demanding Kart track sets the scene for an exhilarating karting session


- Removed dangerous barriers mounted along edge of track

- Added run off areas at heavy breaking and high speed corners

- Cut back hilly terrain from edge of track

- Smoothed track surface and changed profile and level of one corner

- Removed some of the tall trees that cast dark shadows onto the track, to improve visibility

- Doubled FPS (suitable for online racing)

- Cut the grass


- Diamond Kart Ring - Seven Sands, is designed to be raced in both directions 'Clockwise' and 'Anti-Clockwise'

- Working 'Start' and 'Pit' lights (both directions)

- Pits and Grid sized for 30 Karts (both directions)

- Includes CAM, AIW and Loading screens


- Diamond Kart Ring - Seven Sands - Clockwise

- Diamond Kart Ring - Seven Sands - Anti-Clockwise


This updated installation will not overwrite the original 1.00 version
1. Download and extract rar file
2. Place 'Diamond Kart Ring' folder into Program Fil....../rFactor/Game Data/Locations/


Track layout and Graphics - Designed and Developed by - Mr Kenny D

Testing - Wantan, Brain and Shyanne

Mod's used for testing - 'BRKart' and 'World Karting'

Products - Bobs Track Builder and featured downloaded XPacks


By downloading and/or using the 'Diamond Kart Ring - Seven sands' tracks you agree that:

- the 'Diamond Kart Ring - Seven Sands' tracks may only be used for non-commercial use in rFactor

- Permission is NOT granted to use the 'Diamond Kart Ring - Seven Sands' tracks, either in part or whole for any other project or racing game

- Conversion of the 'Diamond Kart Ring - Seven Sands' tracks to any other gaming format is strictly prohibited without permission

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thank you, DiamondLogic. i think that i will upgrade my pc just to run in this track with all graphics in full, because its fantastic track. i was run with 200cc in this days, and it's answone!!!!
BRKart was made by a lot of people of comunity, that give a lot of contribution, and we are working in one new version, with shifter karts, new body works, and a lot of new features. we are waiting rfactor2.0, and analising other engines too. best regards and keep working in your brillant job.
Adriano Augusto on Nov-26-2009

Sorry Adriano.. I didn't realise that I was receiving such compliments from a talented developer of that brilliant mod BRKarts.. It is I who should be saying thank you.. for all those hours of work that must be involved to produce BRKarts.. my initial aim was to configure Diamond Kart Ring to compliment and push the characteristics and physics of your mod BRKarts..

Plus thank you for including Diamond Kart Ring into BRKarts Recommended Tracks List..
DiamondLogic on Nov-22-2009

Adriano.. Thank you.. I have always wanted to design a track and give something of value back to the community.. and finally I found the time to do my 1st track.. Please Enjoy
Mr Kenny D..
DiamondLogic on Nov-04-2009

it's a fantastic track, with a very nice scenario, and very fun layout. just some hard to my old pc, but it's a amazing kart track. Thank you for it, Mr. Kenny D.
Adriano Augusto on Nov-04-2009

Link for Mac's added..
DiamondLogic on Nov-04-2009

a link with es better service would help. downloading with a mac won't work since it needs active x... why not use something like mediafire ? thx.
Smoking_Joe on Nov-04-2009

great! downloading! thank you for this track
Adriano Augusto on Nov-03-2009

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