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Dieguetonga LTR 0.90

By: MartinATA and Lanus Team Racing Track
Origin: Scratch | Fantasy
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 19-May-11
Current release: 0.900, on 19-May-11

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Screenie by: vwmga
Screenie by: vwmga
Screenie by: vwmga
Screenie by: vwmga
Screenie by: vwmga
Screenie by: vwmga
Screenie by: vwmga
Screenie by: vwmga
Screenie by: vwmga
Screenie by: vwmga

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Pista nacida como proyecto para el autodromo de lanus 2093, inspirada por diegotte que le gustaba la teretonga,
de alli su nombre.

Realizada por LanusTeamRacing

Con la colaboracion de:


Thanks for the template to: turbo2566

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Suba los links de nuevo!
Snowmeow on Sep-08-2019

All links are down. Please reupload.
nandorock80 on Feb-08-2012

Y have vercion 1.01 haw post this?
vwmga on Aug-16-2011

Yes is the 0.90 somebody made a mistake on the download title.
THUNDER breaks on May-21-2011

Is the vercion 0.90, i dont know why say 1.0
vwmga on May-20-2011

I like fast tracks, High Speed Ring style! If the 1.0 is available please upadate the title too ; ) Thanks I'm gonna try it, looks good to me!
THUNDER breaks on May-20-2011

Turbo2566, is mi first trak, im sorry, i think that templete was for use... y doenload from this page... thenk for your work and your post... now y put thanks in the plublishing....
vwmga on May-19-2011

Happy for you to distribute your loading screens based on my Template

But some recognition would have been nice
turbo2566 on May-19-2011

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