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Dijon Kart (incl wet) 1

By: MaTi, Adriano Agusto, Slimjim, and Zeuchoa
Origin: Extension | Real World
Category: Kart Tracks
Initial release: 16-Oct-08
Current release: 1, on 16-Oct-08

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Screenie by: thoms-78270
Screenie by: thoms-78270
Screenie by: zeuchoa
Screenie by: zeuchoa
Screenie by: zeuchoa
Screenie by: zeuchoa

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This is orginal Dijaon Kart + Wet Version and sligtly modified terrain files.

Tanks to Adriano Augusto for permission for wet track extensions.

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403/500 (275 votes) 1 2 3 4 5
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Sense of Immersion
Texture Quality
Track Layout
Racing Line
AI Behaviour
Facilities (Pits, Grid etc)
OK Track Naming
FPS Performance
Realistic Track Surface
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akkaran046 on Jul-09-2018


This is such a cool track... but as mentioned for one or other reason it'll record a complete lap randomly. Not every lap, can't do races like this... I hope it can be fixed soon!
venom16000 on Sep-15-2011

Yes. I just found out the day of our race.

No lap times..........unbelievable.
Even during race it counts no laps.

bugs, bugs..........bummer, I thought the wet was cool BTW. Wrong direction? wow it would be nice going the correct way.
easydoesit on Jan-11-2009

Has anyone had a problem with this track not keep lap times? It sometimes records one lap and then it will not record for several laps if at all. Any thoughts?
killerbee28 on Jan-07-2009

this is all due to rFactor limititations. no one up to now has managed to make raindrops fall.
zeuchoa on Oct-27-2008

Sorry for saying it this way, but I think it's rubbish.
There is too much reflection, the spray you get, is only at high speed, on low speed, there is no spray.
Also, it doesn't rain, the grip is very good for a wet track.
I think, the dry version is a lot better then the wet version.
FIA2008 on Oct-27-2008

the aiw should be remade...
I just worked on the wet version... I'll talk to the other guys who made the track...
zeuchoa on Oct-17-2008

There is a little mistake with the track : The direction is wrong ! We race in the other way.
Zean on Oct-17-2008

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