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Dirty South Late Model 0.10

By: Bruce Carroll
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Dirt Oval
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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This is a mod that I am really looking forward to doing. It will be an all in one late model mod with rule selections such as NeSmith, Fasttrak, Storm Pay, NLMS, SAS, and more. If this is difficult as I fear that it will be, I'll also add the 1990s Hav-A-Tampa rules/cars. So pretty much these will be crate, sportsman, supers, and vintage all in one. As far as car models, I can say that the 1990s LM will be Scott Hawbaker's model.
For upgrades, tire brand selection, 602/604 crate option, 12' spoiler, skirt options and more will be in the mod. As for skins, their will not be any big WoO/Lucas drivers unless the skins are donated once I release templates.

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Will be really nice when this comes out!
hoofhearted49 on Feb-13-2010

Mod planned for the future, possibly for rFactor 2.
SBS-BruceB7 on Aug-04-2009

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