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Dobsinsky Kopec (Hillclimb) 0.95

By: Jeffo696
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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Screenie by: Jeffo696
Screenie by: Jeffo696

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One of the best hillclimb track (7.1Km) in Slovakia, is included in the Championship Slovak Republic and International Championships. Using GPS-Google Earth / maps, track is very congestion, difficult to come near to reality, I will keep trying;)

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A neves vyat tuto verziu co mas alebo poslat mne pls lebo by som zahral skusil
ninji210 on Jun-01-2014

Jeffo696, ake podklady potrebujes ja som z Dobsinej, mame aj geodetov
neubo on May-23-2014

Bohuzial, tato trat sa nepodarila dokoncit, nebol cas a stratil som cely podklad, prepacte ospravedlnujem sa...
Jeffo696 on May-21-2014

kedy to bude hotové?
Danko951 on Sep-27-2013

pls recreate this track ...jeffo is never finish
ninji210 on Nov-25-2012

Pls recreate this track ....Jeffo this track never finish
ninji210 on Nov-25-2012

Uz len 5 % kedy to bude hotove pls odpovedz tesim sa nato velmi
ninji210 on Nov-23-2012

kedy to bude hotove ???
ninji210 on Aug-02-2011

Na to jsem zvedav
ProvilCZE on Mar-13-2011

Jeffo696 on Mar-11-2011

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