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Donington (GTR2) 1

By: Baule
Origin: Conversion | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 07-Jul-09
Current release: 1, on 07-Jul-09

Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: [dd]Baule

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Donington v1.0 converted from GTR2

NOTE: Since this track has been converted from GTR2 you need the original GTR2-game for the installation. I know some of you won't be very happy about that but I respect SimBin's work and it's the only legal way to release the track for rFactor!
If the installation aborts although you have the original GTR2-disc in your CD/DVD drive please contact me here on rFC.


- fully working start- and pitlights
- nightlights
- updated CAM and AIW
- some updated textures
- loading screen by Taku

If anybody from Simbin would like this file taken down please contact either me or rFactorCentral to do so.

Please do not post/host this download without the file checking installer present.


Further versions won't be released on rFC...

For updates, visit

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keep getting 'track geometry mismatch' 'player will be kicked from the race' error on a race server, anyone have any idea how to fix this??
Ginettaboy on Jan-15-2013

"NOTE: Since this track has been converted from GTR2 you need the original GTR2-game for the installation."

Marianf1 on Jan-27-2012

Wheres the link???
Sasuke024 on Jan-14-2012

Originally posted by: ric florida

. . . =>

Problem solved with version 1.1 => Nogrip / dwnl,,,
Good Job, fantastic track.
ric florida on Jan-20-2011

I have GTR2, but is not installed.
When I'm installing the track, the disc is required but installation
is not successful. The disc is not being recognized.
I love this track, please help me.
Any tips?
ric florida on Jan-19-2011

Hi Baule,

der Donington Track ist klasse geworden, aber wie sieht es denn mit dem fiktiven 2010 Streckenlayout aus, wird es ein Update geben?
nitroracer on Jan-15-2011

Originally posted by: Truerider

The real question is.......does this version co-exist with The Lonely's Donington.

This version is so much better, you won't need Lonely's Toca version.

@Baule, please continue, the conversions almost look better than GTR2's, somehow
CapitanulHaos on Dec-08-2009

This is Very nice ...

Can anyone upload a version without need GTR-2 Disc ... I mean in rFactor Location Folder ... copy it and upload ,

i have just GTR-2 3 Disc Version but its on copy ... im not tested ... is that work ???

Plaese guide me
Na100001 on Jul-20-2009

@daisy: You don't have to put your GTR2-disc into your dvd-drive while you are playing rFactor, only for the installation of the track.
@biggles101: Thank you! :-)
[dd]Baule on Jul-18-2009

i have the rfactor disc version??? its not easy to fit gtr into the same and only dvd player i have
daisy on Jul-17-2009

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