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DragFactor 1.60

By: Angus94 and DragFactor
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Novel
Initial release: 10-Dec-11
Current release: 1.600, on 31-Jan-13

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Screenie by: angus94
Screenie by: angus94
Screenie by: angus94
Screenie by: angus94
Screenie by: angus94
Screenie by: angus94
Screenie by: angus94
Screenie by: angus94
Screenie by: angus94
Screenie by: angus94

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========> PLEASE NOTE <========
Any version earlier than v1.6 WILL NOT be compatible with the current version, and will not get you onto any servers running the current version

The current version can be found the downloads dropdown menu.

Community Rating

Overall rating since initial release  
428/500 (927 votes) 1 2 3 4 5
Community Ratings since October 01, 2009   My Ratings
Sense of Immersion
Realistic Damage
Default setup Race-ability
FPS Performance
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are you being serious or just joking about the trojan horse?
sidneh on Feb-05-2015

wow, 2 years after my first post, you said "Physics for TOP FUELERS being made right now" and then only sound needs to be done!... Still not released..
Joshsux on Dec-18-2014

Hi i take a look at the pdf file and i see that version 1.50 is something special i not now why it must be 3.23 GB big download and read the pdf file about version 1.5 i have test and install version 1.4 long time ago and it worked for me about version 1.5 i have not test that version http://trippteamdownload.serve...arch=DragFactor

home site for this mod is
Slobbeman on Nov-17-2014

So i've been looking for 3 days and all the links that are up as soon as i get like 2 minutes into the download they fail and that's like 20 times
guana on Nov-16-2014

how do I open it??
MarcusMathis1 on Nov-09-2014

When i downloaded the mod my antivirus found a trojan horse in it
AussieBigfoot on Sep-16-2014

ya took me 3 hours to download did everthing right .. the cars or nothing don't even show up ffs . and then the rest of the files where crupeted gay as ***** . some one make a vid cause clearle its not like a normal mod to *****ing install .
dyllenger on Aug-24-2014

Thanks for making dragfactor so hard to get
SlowShop on Aug-18-2014

angus94 Ive tried to download dragfactor and it says I need adobe do you now what kind i would need and it says file is corupet?
please reply with the link to the adobe if you have a idea of what kind I need or what kind do you use.
jacobglatfelter on Aug-06-2014

Its saying i need adobe. what kind of adobe do i need if anyone knows reply with the link to it please.
jacobglatfelter on Aug-06-2014

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