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DragFactor Top Fuel 0.60

By: Angus94
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Novel
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: Angus94
Screenie by: Angus94
Screenie by: angus94
Screenie by: angus94
Screenie by: angus94
Screenie by: angus94
Screenie by: angus94
Screenie by: angus94

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=====Top Fuel Drag Racing=====
the fastest and most exhilarating form of motorsport in the world, bar none.

500+ cubic inch, drinking a cocktail of NitroMethane to produce some 8000hp.

DragFactor will do its utmost to bring to you, the drag racer, the thrill and adrenalin rush this form of motorsport can produce.

=====THE MOD TEAM=====
Angus94 - models, liveries, Templates
Davo - Physics
Wambo - sounds

Darren Morgan - Darren Morgan Racing
Phil Lamattina - Lamattina Top Fuel Racing
Damian Harris - Best Tractor Parts
Phil Read - Jim Read Racing
Martin Stamatis - Jim Read Racing
Mark Mariani - Rapisarda Racing
Alan Dobson - Rapisarda Racing
Steve Reed - Reed Speed Racing
Bob Shepherd -
Terry Sainty -
Luke Shepherd -
Mark Sheehan - Sheehan Racing
Andrew Cowin -
Darren Di Filippo - Di Filippo Perf Exhausts

Tony Schumacher - US ARMY Racing
Kenny Bernstein - Budweiser Racing
Darrell Gwynn - Coors EXTRA Gold
Morgan Lucas - Lucas Oil Products
Spencer Massey - Valvoline NEXTGen
Larry Dixon - Snake Racing
Doug Kalitta - Kalitta Motorsports

WCP Modding Group - F1 1997 mod rear tyre models
RSDG - driver and helmet models from the Megane mod
DMZ - Willowbank Track
Dennis Waller - W.S.I.D track
FVRFactor - Motec model

=====GAME OPTIONS=====
10 front wheel choices
23 rear wheel choices (with and without Beadlocks)
2 injector hat styles

many thanks to Darren Morgan for assistance with data and specs

Any file, information, content, idea, or other parts
relating to this mod, or its development or format
is proprietary to DragFactor.

unauthorized use will be considered THEFT

*Third-party brands and names are the property of their respective owners.

(c) 2013 DragFactor
All Rights Reserved.

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angus94 SEND US A LINK!
WildMonkey1584 on May-07-2016

Is DragFactor still active? I am in US and need to connect with them. Please advise.
dgibill on Apr-03-2015

Is DragFactor still active? I need to connect with you if you are operational. I am in US so let me know how best to connect with you (email, phone, skype, etc.)
dgibill on Apr-03-2015

hey Anthony, how far of is this mod? thanks
Connornator on Mar-21-2014

W4CHHUND, some ofthose teams could be in the game by default, but yes you can paint whatever teams you want......templates will be available

sorry SmashingPants67, we wont be putting any FWD cars in the game......there will only be Top Fuel, Top Alcohol (funny car, dragster and altered), Top Fuel Bike, ProStock Bike, Nitro Funny Car, SuperCharged Outlaws, Outlaw 10.5 and Nostalgia Funny Cars.

if you want the classes you mentioned then you have to make you own mod, we wont be making them
angus94 on Mar-06-2014

What about a "DragFactor FWD All Motor"/"DragFactor Pro FWD" mod?
For me FWD cars need a opportunity also.
And what about Velopark and Curitiba dragstrips?
And the other categories can be in distinct RFM's e.g. DragFactor_DTA, DragFactor_DTB, DragFactor_ST, DragFactor, STT, DragFactor_FLD, etc.
Photo references can be downloaded at and, these sites are in Brazilian Portuguese so don't forget to use a good translator.
SmashingPants67 on Mar-03-2014

Can you also paint the european top fuelers like urs erbacher or anita megälä pls ^^
W4CHHUND on Dec-11-2013

Sidnei Frigo (Artivinco), i'm sure we'll get around to painting his car up one day.......categories, what dont have other categories in Top Fuel.......the game is called "DragFactor Top Fuel", so ONLY top fuel cars. if you want other categories go race NFSHP or GTA5
angus94 on Nov-28-2013

What about these categories?
SmashingPants67 on Nov-20-2013

And what about Sidnei Frigo (Artivinco) in U.S. Top Fuel?
SmashingPants67 on Jun-26-2013

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