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Dragstrip 0

By: Panoz4Prez
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Status: WIP (Not Yet Released)
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Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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We have decided to release the dragstrip as a beta... I havent worked on it in months, but Fitzee contacted me and wanted to get it running.. He did a great job getting some timing and scoring working with no point to point coding..
There are 2 files to read in the archive.. The basics are choosing one AI car and 2 laps, Which is the least amount available.. We are releasing this to see if we can generate a buzz around point to point racing...

So remember, this is far from a Polished release,
However we hope to see people enjoying DragRacing in rFactor

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There is no download link
billyracer_88 on Apr-14-2011

ummmm we need the download for the slingshots! awsome!
Wambo on Feb-03-2011

Looks nice in the Vids, but:

- Are the staging lights working, and can u see ur times?
MaxMotors on Dec-20-2009

A new link please.
Jeba189 on Nov-24-2009

Dead link on the beta please fix it, or someone upload there files for me! this is the only good dragstrip.
noscrazy on Jul-24-2009

the " black custom car" is part of the MCO-MOD.....the MCO-MOD here has been updated but nonetheless check it out!
(GRI) garv on Mar-26-2009

i swear this track is longer than a quarter mile.
E-Mill on Mar-10-2009

Nice track, thanx.

Very nice black custom car, is there a link for the download please?

Greetz from NL
uncels on Jan-14-2009

PLEASE finish a full version of the drag strip. there are a lot of fans out there who would love a drag strip for rFactor with a full working tree and timing lights
with full pro classses,funny cats , rails, and prostock cars
ROY D on Jan-11-2009

nicee track but could you please give me the link of that funny car?
nicktexel on Nov-13-2008

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