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Drapetsona 1

By: Lazaros Kagioglou and George Tsoumalis
Origin: Scratch | Real World
Category: Permanent Circuits
Initial release: 06-Jun-12
Current release: 1, on 07-Jun-12

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Screenie by: Lazaros Kagioglou
Screenie by: Lazaros Kagioglou
Screenie by: rfc
Screenie by: rfc

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This is the circuit that is possible to be constructed in greece. Bernie will discuss this issue and if he aggres the constructions will start. So when we learn that we made a first model of this track. it is in the port like valencia.

In this track, we add skyscrapers something that is fantasy for this area!
Send us your comments and your complaints for the problems of the track.

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Yayan25 on May-25-2018

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newstart027 on Nov-09-2016

My Hall of Fame lets you nominate up to 15 tracks, 10 cars, and 5 addons for the RFC HOF.
newstart027 on Nov-09-2016

remusdrift on Jun-13-2012

Originally posted by: MrPowCz

Greece can't afford to have a lunch, how could they afford GP

On topic though, this track really is too basic, not fun to drive.

With German Money!
BonoVox05 on Jun-11-2012

Greece can't afford to have a lunch, how could they afford GP
On topic though, this track really is too basic, not fun to drive.
MrPowCz on Jun-09-2012

"Was that really the best screenshot you could give us? " Yes, I think so !!! This is not excactly the best looking rFactor track I've seen so far. The real track should be situated in Athens. I could not discover anything from this city. The real track should be situated close to a harbour. I could not discover anything just looking a bit like a harbour or even the smallest part of the sea. There are no grandstands at all, there isn't even a pitbuilding. So this is a very modest first model of this track. I hope you could make it a bit much closer to how the real track likely is going to look. I guess there will never be a real F1 track in Greece, but it is nice to have one in rFactor, especially if you are a F1 fan like me, who wants to have every possible F1 track ever build or designed.
NitroMcClean on Jun-08-2012

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