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Drone Camera Plugin (rFactor 2) 1.20

By: Gerald Jacobson

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Here a plugin allowing you to use several controller to control freelly the camera around the track - you need to be in the FreeLook mode (by default the throttle & break of your wheel and an Xbox 360 controller)

The goal is to allow people to enhance broadcast, track presentation, etc...

- Copy rF2DroneCameraPlugin.dll (32bit) under /Bin32/Plugins
- Copy rF2DroneCameraPlugin_x64.dll (64bit) under /Bin64/Plugins
- Copy the rF2DroneCameraPlugin.ini directory in the /UserData/
... This means for the player profile, the main ini file will be at "/UserData/player/rF2DroneCameraPlugin.ini"

The ini file is created for a G27 / XBOX 360 controllers. If you have different(s) controller(s), please update the ini to replace controller name(s) by yours.

Additionnally i recomend you to update your Controller.JSON and put those values:

"Freelook Keyboard Pitch Accel":10,
"Freelook Keyboard Pitch Accel#":"Freelook pitch acceleration when using keyboard.",
"Freelook Keyboard Pitch Decel":10,
"Freelook Keyboard Pitch Decel#":"Freelook pitch deceleration when using keyboard.",
"Freelook Keyboard Pitch Speed":1,
"Freelook Keyboard Pitch Speed#":"Freelook pitch speed when using keyboard.",
"Freelook Keyboard Yaw Accel":10,
"Freelook Keyboard Yaw Accel#":"Freelook Yaw acceleration when using keyboard.",
"Freelook Keyboard Yaw Decel":10,
"Freelook Keyboard Yaw Decel#":"Freelook Yaw deceleration when using keyboard.",
"Freelook Keyboard Yaw Speed":1,
"Freelook Keyboard Yaw Speed#":"Freelook yaw speed when using keyboard.",

- By default, it use the throttle & break to up and down the camera and a gamepad for all other command. (the XBOX A button is used to toggle the drone commands)

Note: If you use it,like it and want/can, you can Donate to support.
Thank you

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