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Drovian RX 1

By: Team Rallyist
Origin: Scratch | Fantasy
Category: Rallycross
Initial release: 27-Sep-08
Current release: 1, on 28-Sep-08

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Screenie by: Tomoya
Screenie by: Tomoya
Screenie by: Tomoya
Screenie by: Tomoya
Screenie by: Tomoya
Screenie by: Tomoya
Screenie by: Tomoya
Screenie by: Tomoya
Screenie by: Tomoya
Screenie by: Tomoya

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This is a fictional rallycross track..
have fun!


Keita:Objects and more...

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after many experiments with the different files (always kept a backup), i came to the conclusion that the ctd has something to do with the sky mas file and/or with the crunchyskybox,i managed (during the experiments) to keep the loading screen in game with error mesages concerning the skydepending gmt files........
Anyone any idea's for solutions?
greetings from Belgium
Maurits on Jul-22-2009

i want tracks like SPECIAL STAGE ROUTE 5, of Gran Turismo.
this track is a outstanding city course that i like so much.
IndyCARman on Feb-28-2009

I can't find a solution... sorry
Please try another DX mode.
Tomoya on Nov-09-2008

I have a problem of loading this track in the game. It just crashed. Could the creator kindly provide a solition? Thanks.
seankwl on Nov-05-2008

Quite encouraging review for this track on Inside Sim Racing Episode 27 ;-)
rFactor28 on Oct-04-2008

The author should be around to comment on peoples problems.. Where is he ???
kendo on Oct-03-2008

tried it with different settings,but still CTD.........
even with different mods same result.....
btw, the loading bar does'nt even move,waw CTD the moment i push load track.....
Maurits on Oct-01-2008

I haven`t tested this track yet, but when a track load but crashes use to be solved changing the track detail (customize, settings, display (or screen, sorry I've got it in Spanish and I don't know how is it written exactly in English version) , try between low, normal, high or complete option until this works.
josealb77 on Sep-29-2008

tried it with several downloads,but always the same result: ctd........
shame though,cause it look's really neat,love rx tracks,maybe the problem with ctd is caused by dx drivers??? Anyway i hope that a good and capabel soul can solve the problem,because this has great potential by the looks of the screenshots........
greetings from Belgium
Maurits on Sep-29-2008

Nice Layout. Difficult to find a good line with HRC cars but much better with Lienz AWD (or maybe ORR?) cars imo .

Better tree textures would be really nice...
Kazumi on Sep-29-2008

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