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Dutch Translation rFactor2 0.10

By: Uncels and uncels

Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: Uncels
Screenie by: Uncels

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After translating rFactor some time ago, i now bought rFactor2 & looked for the language files, i did my best, but maybe there are still some minor translation errors in it.
But hey rFactor is in Dutch now.

Filename: Nederlands.dic

Just copy file (64kb) to: rFactor2SupportLanguages

You can delete any other file in this dir now.

You need to change lanuage to Nederlands in you're config screen, that's all folks.

I hope many Dutch & Belgium SimRacers will like this, i know it did for rFactor.

Please write a comment if you like it.

Happy Simracing to all.
Greetings from the Netherlands.

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saeed20 on Jul-20-2020

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tysonrock266 on Aug-29-2018

Dank je!
Dat Duits word je op een gegeven moment ook wel zat...
MaartenNL on Feb-15-2012

Looks like it's deleted.... strange

I uploaded it again, find it here Maarten:

Happy Simracing all. (voortaan in het nederlands)
uncels on Feb-13-2012

Where can I find the Dutch translation of rFactor 1?
MaartenNL on Feb-13-2012

In order people can find this in dutch, i'll write the search in dutch.

nederlandse vertaling rfactor2

uncels on Feb-13-2012

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