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E-counter Lap 1

By: Eric and Roger

Unavailable: 1-Click Install
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Screenie by: roger5
Screenie by: roger5

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E-counter Lap es un programa diseñado en java enfocado para los organizadores de carreras.Este programa sirve para definir el número de vueltas que conformará una carrera a partir de un tiempo de vuelta.Básicamente el programa pedirá meter el tiempo por vuelta,seguidamente el tiempo total que se quiere que dure una carrera,y él sacará el número de vueltas.

Simple,ligero y útil son las características de esta sensacional utilidad.

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OK, I do already have a tool for that, it comes with Windows: calc.exe.
DryStout on Jan-23-2010

I couldn't find a way to post a new thread, it's about a wish for an add-on, so I'm posting it here, since it has to do with time counter.
I organize races in croatia, have 10 bernax simulator, and one Force Dynamics 301, and I'm in a need of a counter that counts usage of a simulator. rFactor is the only game that runs, and just need an add-on that will count the time spent on the track per day, minimized to taskbar.

I would be very gratefull if someone could help me with this issue.

Tnx in advance!!
xpector on Dec-10-2009

Or simply connoiter in your head
conradical on Mar-05-2009

I have gotten a more understandable translation by a team mate of mine:
E-counter is a program designed in java adressed to race organisers. This program tells the number of laps that a race will take according to a laptime provided by the user. Basically, the program asks for an average laptime and the total amount of time the race will take and as a result shows the number of laps needed to meet those parameters.

Simple, light and useful are the features of this sensational utility


Now, the question if there is anything more in the program that can not be replaced by a calculator???
Honour on Mar-04-2009

i still got no idea what this is for...the translation sounds the same like spanish description to me
anger on Mar-04-2009

still no explain what this is?
chopa on Mar-03-2009

English is the international language for aviation not so much racing. Marku Allen learnt Italian so as to speak better with his team

I'm sure if he could type the description in english he would have, dont take offence rfactor is played internationally, and modded all around the world.
dmz on Mar-01-2009

Originally posted by: Pain-less

Originally posted by: jogi

When do people realize that this is a english site!

Maybe when you realize that not "everyone" speaks English.

I'm no native english!

English is the international language for racing:
What language does Alonso, or dela rosa, or whatever driver talk to their teams?

If I do not speak english some of my friends do...
It is absolutly ignorant to post on an english site in whatever language - but english.

He is able to learn java he should be able to learn english...
jogi on Mar-01-2009

how install this thx?
IV29 on Mar-01-2009

Totally confused by the translation to what the hell this does????
Madcowie on Mar-01-2009

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